30 October 2008
Security Council

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Security Council

6007th Meeting (AM)



The Security Council this morning adopted its annual report to the General Assembly for the period 1 August 2007 to 31 July 2008.

The annual report is required under Article 15, paragraph 1, and Article 24 paragraph 3, of the United Nations Charter.

In introductory remarks, Council President Zhang Yesui ( China) said the introduction of the draft report had been prepared by the delegation of Viet Nam, as President of the Council in July 2008, with the participation of the other members of the Council and the immediate past Council members.  The body of the report had been prepared by the Secretariat.

Expressing appreciation to Viet Nam and the Secretariat for their respective contributions, the President pointed out that the format of the draft report corresponded to the relevant provisions contained in the notes by the President of 19 July 2006 (document S/2006/507) and of 19 December 2007 (document S/2007/749).

The representative of Viet Nam said the introductory part of the report provided insights into how the Council addressed a wide array of issues in another year of its intensive work, reflecting the Council’s achievements and also situations and circumstances in which it had been unable to take action.  In every case, there had been an effort to reflect the general views expressed by Council members.  A large part of the introduction had been dedicated to general issues, ranging from terrorism, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, protection of civilians in armed conflict, children and armed conflict, women and peace and security, to the work of subsidiary organs of the Council, such as the sanctions committees and the Working Group on peacekeeping operations.

He said that, over the past few years, the Council had faced increasingly complex responsibilities in “shouldering its noble mission of maintaining international peace and security”.  In order to better reflect the increased role and involvement of the Council under challenging circumstances, the quality of its annual report should be further consolidated in all related aspects.  Towards that end, there was scope to develop the July presidency’s consultation with not only Council members, but also the Organization’s membership at large in the process of outlining and finalizing the report.  Out of that perception, and also to enhance transparency and efficiency, Viet Nam had convened an informal meeting at the end of July to update Member States and to seek their views and suggestions.

The report was adopted without a vote and will be published as document A/63/2.

The meeting began at 10:13 a.m. and adjourned at 10:20 p.m.

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