21 December 2007
Security Council

Department of Public Information • News and Media Division • New York



During the last few months, the Security Council Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee, with the assistance of the Monitoring Team and the Secretariat, has been working on further improving its website (www.un.org/sc/committees/1267/index.shtml) in terms of content as well as presentation.  The improvements aim at providing information in a user-friendly way, in particular with a view to better assist Member States in their implementation efforts of the relevant Security Council resolutions.  All information is now available in the six official United Nations languages.

Some highlights of the Committee’s enhanced website include:

TheLatest News section, which features information on the most recent developments in the Committee’s work, such as updates of the Consolidated List, reports of the Committee or of the Monitoring Team and briefings by the Chairman to the Security Council.

New sections have been added to provide information on the procedures related to Listing, Delistingand the Exemptions to the sanctions measures.  Fact sheets have been provided to make these procedures more transparent and to provide greater clarity.

Likewise, the fact sheet on Updating the Consolidated List details the process of how information can be submitted by Member States for changes to be made to the Committee’s List of individuals and entities subject to the sanctions.  In addition to the previous PDF and HTML formats, the Consolidated List is now available in the XML format.  This new format was requested by many Member States to facilitate the incorporation of the List into national watch lists and databases.

In the “Useful paper” page of the “Selected Documents” section, a link has been added to a new paper from the Monitoring Team on The Experiences of Member States in the implementation of the Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Measures (travel ban, assets freeze and arms embargo).  The Committee believes that the experiences presented in the paper could be useful examples to the relevant implementing authorities.

The Committee is committed in its efforts to continue to improve its website and would welcome any comment or suggestion in this regard (SC-1267-Committee@un.org or 1267mt@un.org), in order to further develop this communication tool to meet the needs of users, in particular the Member States.

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