19 September 2007
Security Council

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Security Council

5743rd Meeting (AM)


A total of 81 Member States had reported so far on their implementation of sanctions on Iran imposed in relation to its nuclear activities, the Chairman of the Committee that monitors those measures told the Security Council this morning.

Johan Verbeke (Belgium), Chairman of the Committee established pursuant to resolution 1737 (2006), said that, in the reports received from 22 June to 19 September, 15 States had indicated that they already had the legislation in place to carry out the resolution, which included an asset freeze and travel measures.  The subsequent resolution 1747 of 24 March 2007 designated additional individuals and groups subject to those restraints and added a ban on the export of arms and related material from Iran.  Sixty-seven reports had so far been received under the latter resolution.

During the reporting period, he added, the Committee had also received 12 notifications from States of their intentions to make or receive payments, or to authorize the unfreezing of funds, in connection with contracts entered into prior to the imposition of sanctions.  It also granted one exemption to cover extraordinary expenses of a listed entity, as determined by the relevant State.

Also during this period, on 22 August, he said, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) had informed the Committee that no projects had been added to its technical cooperation programme with Iran since the issuance of its report of 8 March.

The representative of the United States noted that the number of reports received had continued to rise, but that many were still outstanding.  As for IAEA’s update on technical assistance activities, he noted that the organization had evaluated 27 requests for assistance against restrictions imposed, finding three contrary to prohibitions.  In that regard, he would welcome any additional details and proposed that the Committee would draft a letter in that regard.

He said many months had passed since adoption of both resolutions.  Unfortunately, Iran had complied with neither.  To the contrary, the IAEA reports confirmed that Iran had failed to suspend proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities and persisted in defying the Security Council.  If Iran would suspend the prohibited activities, confidence would be restored to permit negotiation with Iran on the generous offer by the permanent Council members and Germany.

The meeting opened at 10:10 a.m. and closed at 10:21 a.m.

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