30 June 2006
General Assembly

Department of Public Information • News and Media Division • New York

Special Committee on


14th Meeting (AM)


Agrees to Leave Open Possibility

Of Holding Modified Seminar for Pacific Region in 2006

The Special Committee on decolonization this afternoon adopted its report (document A/AC.109/2006/L.14, as amended, concluding its 2006 session.

The Committee briefly suspended its meeting to review language in its report on engaging an independent expert and the financing of participants to discuss deferring consideration of a separate draft decision, because the budgetary report had not been received in time for adequate review.  It then reconvened and approved the report as amended, deciding to defer the draft decision appointing Dr. Carlyle Corbin as an independent expert to its organizational session in February.

Once the report of the Committee was approved, Chairman Julian R. Hunte ( Saint Lucia) discussed the postponement of the Pacific Regional Seminar and a possible alternate venue.  But he said there would be considerable difficulties in making the appropriate arrangements in sufficient time for the seminar in early August.  The 2007 session was scheduled for the Caribbean, and the opportunity for the Pacific Seminar would not come until 2008.

The representative of Papua New Guinea asked if it was possible to raise the issue again with their heads of mission for a modified seminar.

The Chairman agreed to leave the issue open pending Papua New Guinea’s suggestion.

Statements of appreciation for the Chairman’s work were made by the representatives of Iran, Dominica and Timor-Leste.

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