Press Release

Trusteeship Council

Sixty-fourth Session

1st Meeting (PM)

Trusteeship Council elects President, Vice-President;


Adopts agenda for 64th session


Meeting for the first time since 2002, the Trusteeship Council this afternoon adopted the agenda for its sixty-fourth session and elected by acclamation Michel Duclos (France) as its President and Adam Thomson (United Kingdom) as its Vice-President.

The Trusteeship Council is composed of the five permanent members of the Security Council -- China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and the United States.  The Charter established it as a main organ of the United Nations, assigned the task of supervising and administering the 11 TrustTerritories placed under the Trusteeship System.  Major goals were to promote the advancement of people in the Territories and to promote their development towards self-government or independence.

The Council suspended operation in 1994, after the last remaining United Nations Trust Territory, Palau, achieved independence.  The Council amended its rules of procedure to drop the obligation to meet annually and agreed to meet as the occasion required.  It now meets by its own decision, the decision of its President, at a request from a majority of its members, or at a request from the General Assembly or Security Council.

The date of the Council's next meeting will be announced in the Journal.

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