Press Release

Fifty-seventh General Assembly

Second Committee

17th Meeting (PM)



The Second Committee (Economic and Financial) met this afternoon to hear the introduction of four draft resolutions concerning subjects in the fields of science and technology for development, and sustainable development and international economic cooperation.

Introducing a draft resolution on creation of a global culture of cybersecurity (document A//C.2/57/L.10), the representative of the United States said that the text aimed to promote international awareness of basic principles derived from the "OECD Guidelines for the Security of Information Systems and Network".  Those guidelines underscored the need for increased awareness and understanding of cybersecurity issues, he added.

Venezuela’s representative, on behalf of the Group of 77 developing countries and China, introduced a draft resolution on implementation of the Declaration on International Economic Cooperation (document A/C.2/57/L.12), by which the General Assembly President would be invited to undertake consultations on the draft text of an international strategy for development in the first decade of the new millennium.

He also introduced a draft resolution on culture and development (document A/C.2/57/L.13), saying that the text included several initiatives of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).  It also endorsed the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity, adopted by UNESCO last year, which characterizes cultural diversity as the “common culture of humanity”.

The representative of Belarus introduced the fourth text, on integration of economies in transition into the world economy (document A/C.2/57/L.14), which stressed that transition countries needed multilateral agreements providing their exports with access to world markets, and further emphasized the important role played by foreign direct investment in transition economies and in their further integration into the world economy.

In a further introduction, Omar Sultanov, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan, presented a draft resolution by which 2003 would be designated the year of celebrating Kyrgyz statehood (document A/C.2/57/L.11).  Noting that the quest for historic and ethnic roots had become a vital need for the Newly Independent States after the collapse of the Soviet Union, he stressed

the importance of raising public awareness of national cultures as well as the world's cultural heritage and societal diversity for global peace and international cooperation.

The Second Committee will meet again at 10 a.m. on Monday, 28 October, to begin its consideration of operational activities for development, as well as the followup to the outcome of the General Assembly Special Session on Children.

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