Press Release


Members of the Council received a briefing by the Chairman of the Security Committee established pursuant to resolution 1343 (2001) concerning Liberia, on the Committee’s deliberations in relation to the Panel of Experts report (issued as document S/2001/1015).

Members of the Council took note of the Committee’s decisions relating to the Panel’s recommendations.  Members of the Council were also informed of the action that had been taken by the Committee on some of the recommendations and on the alleged violations with regard to the current sanctions imposed under resolution 1343 (2001).

Members of the Council also noted the re-establishment of the Panel for a period of five weeks under resolution 1395 (2002).  They noted that the Committee would continue with its discussions on the recommendations in the Panel’s report following the issuance of a supplementary report by the Panel on the Government of Liberia’s compliance with paragraph 2 and any violations of paragraphs 5 to 7 of resolution 1343 (2001).

Members of the Council expressed their commitment to the continued monitoring of the implementation of resolution 1343 (2001) and reaffirmed the need for full compliance by all States with the measures imposed under the resolution.

Members of the Council also welcomed the continued efforts of the heads of the Mano River Union countries, the Governments of Senegal and Nigeria through the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), and the Kingdom of Morocco, to work towards the restoration of peace and stability in the Mano River Union subregion.

Members of the Council also noted that the next six-monthly review by the Council of the measures imposed by paragraphs 5 to 7 of resolution 1343 (2001), is scheduled to take place on or before 6 May 2002.

* *** *