Press Release


Members of the Security Council have agreed to issue the following statement to the press by the President of the Council, Wang Yingfan (China):

“Council members welcome the dissolution of the Joint Commission which marks the completion of the main tasks of the Angolan peace process and further welcome the Declaration of the Joint Commission on the Peace Process, dated 20 November 2002.  This allows the Security Council to proceed with the review of the sanctions imposed under resolutions 864 (1993), 1127 (1997) and 1173 (1998), as stipulated in operative paragraph 9 of resolution 1439 (2002), with a view to lifting all such sanctions as recommended by the Joint Commission.

“Council members pay tribute to the strong political will of both the Angolan Government and the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) in achieving the goal of peace, and commends the efforts by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and the troika of Observers to the Lusaka Protocol on the important role played in this process.

“Council members express their confidence that the people and leadership of Angola will show determination in fulfilling the aspirations of peace, national reconciliation, democracy, respect for human and civil rights and the deliverance of better economic and social conditions.

“There are still numerous humanitarian challenges in Angola.  In this context, Council members call on the international community to continue to assist the Angolan Government in its efforts to address the serious humanitarian situation in the country.”

* *** *