Press Release


Following is the text of yesterday’s press statement on the Middle East by the President of the Security Council, Sergey Lavrov (Russian Federation):

The consultations of the Security Council were convened at the request of the Arab Group.

The members of the Security Council have met in their determination to ensure the implementation of resolutions 1397, 1402 and 1403.

The members of the Security Council are seriously concerned at the further deterioration of the situation and violation of international humanitarian law in the Palestinian territories, including many victims among the civilian population and a threat of destruction of the Palestinian Authority.  They are deeply disturbed by the failure to implement resolutions 1397, 1402 and 1403.  The continuation of violence by the power in control of events on the ground is unacceptable. 

The members of the Security Council insist on full implementation by the parties of Security Council resolutions, especially on immediate implementation of resolutions 1402 and 1403.  In particular, there must be a ceasefire and Israel must withdraw its forces from Palestinian cities without delay. 

The members of the Security Council call on the parties to cooperate fully and in good faith with Ministers and Special Envoys of the Quartet and with the Secretary-General, especially in the context of the forthcoming visit of the United States Secretary of State to the region. 

The members of the Security Council invite the Secretary-General to keep the Security Council informed on the ongoing efforts to ensure the implementation of its resolutions.  They will closely follow the developments as they consider further steps to contribute to the efforts to bring peace to the Middle East. 

The Security Council members also expressed concern at the violation of the Blue Line and reiterated their call on the parties to implement resolutions 425 and 426.

* *** *