Press Release

Ad Hoc Committee on Assembly

Resolution 51/210

Fifth Session

20th Meeting (PM)



The General Assembly's Ad Hoc Committee on terrorism this afternoon adopted its programme of work, by which it will continue to elaborate a comprehensive convention on international terrorism, resolve outstanding issues relating to the treaty on nuclear terrorism, and keep on its agenda the question of convening a high-level United Nations conference to formulate a joint organized international response to terrorism.

Established by the General Assembly in December 1996, the Ad Hoc Committee is charged with elaborating a comprehensive legal framework of conventions to deal with international terrorism.  The Committee is open to all Member States of the United Nations, specialized agencies and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Committee Chairman Rohan Perera (Sri Lanka) reminded delegations that the focus of the current session, which ends next Friday, would revolve around further efforts to elaborate a comprehensive convention on international terrorism.  Towards that goal, the Committee had before it a draft text submitted by the Indian delegation at its fourth session.  Following the first round of negotiations, broad agreement had emerged on several of the text's

27 articles, which include extradition procedures.  Describing the task ahead as formidable but achievable, he said many delegations had called for an agreed definition of terrorism and the provision of a prosecution regime.

Mr. Perera noted that a provisional schedule of work for the first week of the session had been circulated, and stressed that the necessary scheduling flexibility would be shown as the discussions progressed.

The Ad Hoc Committee on terrorism will meet again at a time to be announced.

* *** *