Press Release




In accordance with paragraph 12 of Security Council resolution 1333 (2000), all organizations and governmental relief agencies providing humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan, including the United Nations and its agencies, governmental relief agencies providing humanitarian assistance, the International Committee of the Red Cross and non-governmental organizations as appropriate, (henceforth referred to as “organizations”) that request that the prohibition imposed by paragraph 11 of the above resolution shall not apply to flights operated by, or on behalf of, them must provide the information, where applicable, outlined below: 

-- The name of the organization in English;

-- The name of the organization in the original language used by the organization (and transliterated into the Latin alphabet if necessary);

-- The address and telephone number of the organization’s headquarters;

-- The name and address of the parent organization to which the applicant organization belongs (where the organization is a subsidiary of a larger organization);

-- The full names, nationalities, citizenships, countries of residence and dates and places of birth of the head of the organization and the head of the in-country operations;

-- A brief description of the organization’s humanitarian activities and projects in Afghanistan; and

-- Sources of funding.

The application must consist of the information outlined above in the form of a written request.  Applications should be addressed to the Chairman via Permanent Missions to the United Nations.  Upon receipt of the application, the Chairman will circulate the request under a five working days “no objection” procedure.  The Committee will make its decision in accordance with the Committee’s guidelines. 

Those organizations that already appear on the list approved by the Committee on 19 January 2001 are also requested to address the above information to the Chairman through Permanent Missions to the United Nations at the earliest opportunity.

The Committee shall keep the list under regular review, adding new organizations as appropriate and shall remove organizations from the list if it


                                                      9 February 2001

decides that they are operating, or are likely to operate, flights for other than humanitarian purposes.

The Committee reiterates that Security Council resolution 1333 (2000) does not modify the measures contained in paragraph 4(a) of resolution 1267 (1999), which decides that all States shall deny permission for any aircraft to take off from or land in if it is owned, leased or operated by or on behalf of the Taliban as designated by the Committee, unless the particular flight has been approved in advance by the Committee on the grounds of humanitarian need, including religious obligation such as the performance of the Hajj.  Organizations that wish to make use of aircraft so designated on the grounds of humanitarian need must continue to seek the Committee’s approval on a case-by-case basis.

This press release, as well as all other Committee documents, can be retrieved from the following internet location: http://www.un.org/Docs/sc/committees/AfghanTemplate.htm.

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