Press Release

Fifty-sixth General Assembly

Fifth Committee

2nd Meeting (PM)



Following the election of its Chairman on 13 September, the Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budgetary) today completed its Bureau electing by acclamation Durga P. Bhattarai of Nepal, Oleksii V. Ivashchenko of Ukraine and John Orr of Canada as its three Vice-Chairmen.  Santiago Wins of Uruguay was elected as the Committee’s Rapporteur, also by acclamation.

The Committee Chairman, Nana Effah-Apenteng of Ghana, expressed gratitude for the confidence placed in him by the Committee.  With a spirit of cooperation, the Committee would be able to complete the tasks entrusted to it during the fifty-sixth session.

In his concluding remarks, the Committee’s outgoing Chairman, Gert Rosenthal of Guatemala, described a poster entitled “United Nations at Work”, which showed a photograph of the Security Council.  A picture of the Fifth Committee might have been more appropriate, he said, for it was one of the most important bodies of the United Nations.  It was also the least understood within the intergovernmental machinery of the United Nations.  As the Committee’s name indicated, it was here that the administrative, financial and budgetary matters were addressed.

The Committee had a responsibility of singular importance, he said, which it undertook with brilliance and dedication –- not just on account of long hours it spent considering the issues, but also because it met practically throughout the year.  Its working methods were exemplary and could serve as a model to other bodies.  He also underscored the participatory and practical nature of the Committee’s work. 

He added that working on the basis of consensus, the Committee required particular commitment on behalf of its members.  The methods of work of the Fifth Committee had been proven effective throughout the years of its work, and the last year had been most productive.  During that year, the Committee had considered many important matters, including some of the most controversial ones, which had been successfully settled.

The representatives of Greece (on behalf of the Western European and Other States Group), South Africa (on behalf of the African Group) and the Republic of Korea (on behalf of the Asian Group) congratulated the Chairman and the members of the Bureau on their election and thanked the outgoing Chairman for his leadership during the previous session.

Also this afternoon, the Committee observed a moment of silence in memory of Ana Maria Moglia of Argentina who had recently passed away.  Speaking on behalf of her delegation, the representative of Argentina thanked the Committee for the tribute paid to Ms. Moglia.

The Committee was informed that the Bureau would meet tomorrow to review the programme of work proposed by the Secretariat and make adjustments, if necessary.

The next meeting of the Committee will be on Wednesday, 3 October, at 3 p.m. when it formally considers its programme of work.

* *** *