6 September 2000

Press Release



The group photograph of some 150 heads of State and government attending the United Nations Millennium Summit on 6 September will be captured by state- of-the-art digital photography for the first time. This advanced technology, made possible by a generous contribution from the Eastman Kodak Company and its affiliates, will enable the United Nations to record the official group photograph of the largest-ever gathering of heads of State and government in high resolution. It will also enable the United Nations to transmit rapidly a compact digital file of the Millennium Summit group photo to the world's major wire services.

Through an agreement with the United Nations, the Eastman Kodak Company is providing all the required resources for the group photo shoot, which includes photographer Terry Deglau, supporting photographers Bob Golding, Rick Billings and Tony Corbell, cameras, lighting instruments, and digital equipment. Eastman Kodak is also supplying 16"x20" framed photographs for each head of State as a signed personal gift from Secretary-General Kofi Annan. This photograph will be captured on Kodak new Professional Portra Film 400NC, scanned and printed on a Kodak LED 2 Digital photographic printer.

Collaboration between the Eastman Kodak Company and the United Nations began in 1995, with the successful production of the group photograph of the heads of State and government gathered in New York for the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations.

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