1 December 1997

Press Release



On page 20 of Press Release GA/SHC/3459 of 26 November, the fifth paragraph should read as follows:

AHMAD AL-HARIRI (Syria) said when his delegation explained his vote on the resolution on the situation of human rights in Iraq, its remarks had been made in the spirit of introducing balance to the resolution and to show facts. Unfortunately, Turkey's representative had said that the vacuum in northern Iraq had prompted the Turkish Government to send in its forces. That was affirmed by the media that said the Turkish Government intended to remain there, which was a violation of the sovereignty of a Member State. Concerning the reference to combating terrorism, he said it seemed that some States were trying to export their domestic problems and blame them on others in the region. He had referred to facts, an occupation of large parts of a Member State, facts which were covered by the international media and were well-known to the world.

On page 21 of the same Press Release, before "Other Statements", a new paragraph should be inserted, as follows:

Mr. AL-HARIRI (Syria), replying to Turkey, said "we don't live in a house of glass, we have nothing to fear", and "we see what is going on around us". And what he saw was the military presence in the region aimed at destabilizing the region. Some parties to those pacts tried to divert attention from the risks such pacts posed to the area, under the pretext of combating terrorism. He reiterated that the domestic problems faced by States must not be exported abroad under the pretext of combating terrorism, and aggression, based on unfounded accusations against States, must not be committed.

* *** *