8 April 1997

Press Release


Resolution 1104 (1997) Adopted Unanimously; Eleven Candidates to Be Elected as Judges by Assembly

The Security Council this afternoon forwarded to the General Assembly the nominations of 19 candidates for Judges of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

By its unanimous adoption of resolution 1104 (1997), the Council acted on the nominations put forward by the Secretary-General on 13 March and forwarded the nominees to the Assembly, which will elect 11 as Tribunal Judges.

The International Tribunal was established by resolution 827 (1993). The Council also adopted the Statute of the Tribunal and decided that all States must cooperate fully with the Tribunal and take any measures necessary under their domestic law to implement its Statute. The Tribunal was inaugurated on 17 November 1993 at the Peace Palace in The Hague.

According to its Statute, the 11 Judges of the International Tribunal shall be elected by the Assembly from a list submitted by the Council. Candidates receiving an absolute majority in the Assembly shall be declared elected. Should two candidates of the same nationality obtain the required majority vote, the one who received the higher number of votes shall be considered elected.

The meeting, which began at 12:13 p.m., was adjourned at 12:16 p.m.

Draft Resolution

The resolution, adopted as Security Council resolution 1104 (1997), reads as follows:

"The Security Council,

"Recalling its resolutions 808 (1993) of 22 February 1993 and 827 (1993) of 25 May 1993,

Security Council - 2 - Press Release SC/6354 3763rd Meeting (PM) 8 April 1997

"Having decided to consider the nominations for Judges of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia received by the Secretary-General by 13 March 1997,

"Forwards the following nominations to the General Assembly in accordance with article 13 (d) of the Statute of the International Tribunal:

Mr. Masoud Mohamed Al-Amri (Qatar) Mr. George Randolph Tissa Dias Bandaranayake (Sri Lanka) Mr. Antonio Cassese (Italy) Mr. Babiker Zain Elabideen Elbashir (Sudan) Mr. Saad Saood Jan (Pakistan) Mr. Claude Jorda (France) Mr. Adolphus Godwin Karibi-Whyte (Nigeria) Mr. Richard George May (United Kingdom) Ms. Gabrielle Kirk McDonald (United States) Ms. Florence Ndepele Mwachanda Mumba (Zambia) Dr. Rafael Nieto Navia (Colombia) Dr. Daniel David Ntanda Nsereko (Uganda) Dr. Elizabeth Odio Benito (Costa Rica) Dr. Fouad Abdel-Moneim Riad (Egypt) Mr. Almiro Simoes Rodrigues (Portugal) Mr. Mohamed' Shahabuddeen (Guyana) Prof. Jan Skupinski (Poland) Prof. Wang Tieya (China) Mr. Lal Chand Vohrah (Malaysia)"

* *** *