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Chapter I

Building a UN Verification Regime


Chapter II

Structure of Iraq's Proscribed Weapons Programmes


Chapter III

Chemical Weapons Programme


Chapter IV

Missile Programme


Chapter V

Biological Weapons Programme


Chapter VI



Chapter VII

Interlinks between Iraq's Weapons Programmes


Chapter VIII

Observations and Lessons Learned



Resolution 687
8 April 1991; creates UNSCOM and establishes WMD prohibitions on Iraq.

Resolution 707
15 August 1991; demands Iraq halt concealment and declare its weapons and programmes.

Resolution 715
11 October 1991; approves the Plan for Ongoing Monitoring and Verification.

Resolution 1051
27 March 1996; approves the Export/Import Monitoring mechanism for Iraq.

Resolution 1284
17 December 1999; replaces UNSCOM by UNMOVIC.

Resolution 1409
15 May 2002; approves the Goods Review List (GRL) and procedures for its application.

Resolution 1441
8 November 2002; strengthens UNMOVIC’s rights.

Resolution 1483
22 May 2003; Security Council decides to revisit UNMOVIC mandate.

Resolution 1546
8 June 2004; Security Council reiterates its intention to revisit UNMOVIC mandate.

Resolution 1762
29 June 2007; Security Council terminates UNMOVIC's mandate.

UNMOVIC Quarterly Reports

First quarterly report
S/2000/516 of 1 June 2000.

Second quarterly report
S/2000/835 of 28 August 2000.

Third quarterly report
S/2000/1134 of 1 December 2000.

Fourth quarterly report
S/2001/177 of 27 February 2001.

Fifth quarterly report
S/2001/515 of 24 May 2001.

Sixth quarterly report
S/2001/833 of 30 August 2001.

Seventh quarterly report
S/2001/1126 of 29 November 2001.

Eighth quarterly report
S/2002/195 of 1 March 2002.

Ninth quarterly report
S/2002/606 of 31 May 2002.

Tenth quarterly report
S/2002/981 of 3 September 2002.

Eleventh quarterly report
S/2002/1303 of 27 November 2002.

Twelfth Quarterly Report
UN document S/2003/232 of 28 February 2003.

Thirteenth Quarterly Report
UN document S/2003/580 of 30 May 2003.

Fourteenth Quarterly Report
UN document S/2003/844 of 28 Aug 2003.

Fifteenth Quarterly Report
UN document S/2003/1135 of 26 Nov 2003.

Sixteenth Quarterly Report
UN document S/2004/160 of 27 February 2004.

Seventeenth Quarterly Report
UN document S/2004/435 of 28 May 2004.

Eighteenth Quarterly Report
UN document S/2004/693 of 27 August 2004.

Nineteenth Quarterly Report
UN document S/2004/924 of 26 November 2004.

Twentieth Quarterly Report
UN document S/2005/129 of 28 February 2005.

Twenty-first Quarterly Report
UN document S/2005/351 of 27 May 2005.

Twenty-second Quarterly Report
UN document S/2005/545 of 30 August 2005.

Twenty-third Quarterly Report
UN document S/2005/742 of 29 November 2005.

Twenty-fourth Quarterly Report
UN document S/2006/133 of 28 February 2006.

Twenty-fifth Quarterly Report
UN document S/2006/342 of 30 May 2006.

Twenty-sixth Quarterly Report
UN document S/2006/701 of 30 August 2006.

Twenty-Seventh Quarterly Report
UN Document S/2006/912 of 22 November 2006.

Twenty-Eigth Quarterly Report
UN Document S/2007/106 of 23 February 2007.

Twenty-Ninth quarterly report
S/2007/314 of 29 May 2007.

Compendium Summary

Compendium Summary (Arabic)
UN document S/2006/420 of 21 June 2006.

Compendium Summary (Chinese)
UN document S/2006/420 of 21 June 2006.

Compendium Summary (English)
UN document S/2006/420 of 21 June 2006.

Compendium Summary (French)
UN document S/2006/420 of 21 June 2006.

Compendium Summary (Russian)
UN document S/2006/420 of 21 June 2006.

Compendium Summary (Spanish)
UN document S/2006/420 of 21 June 2006.

technical reports

In addition to providing detailed accounts of the ongoing work of UNMOVIC, the quarterly reports of UNMOVIC to the Security Council have included more detailed technical annexes on a range of issues as follows.




Destruction of elements of Iraq’s biological warfare programme

November 2003


The development of Iraq’s missile capabilities

November 2003


Initial comments on the report of the US-led Iraq Survey Group (ISG) searching for WMD in Iraq

November 2004


Iraq’s chemical and biological munitions

February 2004


UNMOVIC network of laboratories

February 2004


UNMOVIC’s capabilities and practices in the field of imagery, remote-sensing and geographic information systems

May 2004


Iraq’s storage, handling and deployment of chemical and biological munitions

August 2004


Assessment of Iraq’s remotely piloted and unmanned aerial vehicle programmes

August 2004


UNMOVIC’s Information System

February 2005


Lessons learned in the course of uncovering Iraq’s work on the chemical warfare agent VX; missile monitoring; and the determination of biological warfare agent production facilities

May 2005


Iraq’s biological warfare programme

August 2005


Iraq’s procurement for its WMD programmes

November 2005


Iraq’s chemical weapons programme

May 2006


Analysis of chemical munitions recovered in Iraq by coalition forces since 2003

August 2006


Use of indicators in the investigation of WMD programmes

November 2006


An improved missile verification system

February 2007


Small quantities

May 2007


Other documents

UN Secretary-General's nomination of Dr. Blix to serve as Executive Chairman
S/2000/60 of 27 January 2000.

Security Council approval of Chairman's nomination
S/2000/61 of 27 January 2000.

UN Secretary-General's appointment of UNMOVIC Commissioners
S/2000/207 of 10 March 2000.

UNMOVIC organizational plan
S/2000/292 of 6 April 2000.

Security Council approval of UNMOVIC organizational plan
S/2000/311 of 13 April 2000.

The Monitoring Plan
S/22871/Rev.1 of 2 October 1991.

The export/import monitoring mechanism
S/1995/1017 of 7 December 1995.

The "Amorim report"
(panel concerning disarmament and future ongoing monitoring and
verification issues) S/1999/356 of 27 March 1999.

The exchange of letters between the UN and Iraq - governing the rights of UNSCOM
May 1991.

Notes on a meeting between Hussein Kamal and UNSCOM and IAEA
Amman, Jordan 22 August 1995.

Other relevant documents, particularly reports and assessments of UNMOVIC's predecessor, UNSCOM, are available from the documents section of the UNSCOM website.

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