Complaints Guideline




(Pilot Programme)

Guidelines to file a Procurement Challenge


*Please read these Guidelines carefully before completing the Complaint Form.

Submission must contain the following information:

  1. The vendor's name, UN vendor registration number, email and postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers

  2. The ITB/RFP number

  3. A detailed statement of all (i) factual (ii) legal grounds (iii) explanation of how the vendor was prejudiced and (v) the relief/remedy/action sought

  4. Copies of relevant documents supporting vendor's statement

  5. All information establishing that the vendor is an interested party for the purpose of filing a procurement challenge

  6. All information establishing the timeliness of the procurement challenge

Notes :

  (i) Please quote but do NOT attach the documents already submitted to the UN in response to ITB's and RFP's.

  (ii) Any incomplete complaint form received by the ARB will not be processed.

  (iii) Under the ARB Pilot Programme eligible case include ITB /RFP of a certain value ( currently more than USD300,000) issued at UN Headquarters by UN/PD after 23 November 2009.

Your complaint form should be sent to the ARB Secretariat either via:

- Secured Fax #: +1-212-963-0242

- Postal Address:  United Nations
  Award Review Board
  1 United Nations Plaza
  14th floor, DC1-1481
  New York, NY - 10017

- Special Messenger delivery to our Postal Address above.

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