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Relationship with the International Chamber of Commerce - World Chambers Federation (ICC WCF) On 4 June 2009 at the 6th World Chambers Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the United Nations Secretariat signed a key cooperation agreement with the ICC WCF. The partnership is based on active collaboration with regards to the training programmes for staff of Chambers of Commerce and to actively support the outreach efforts of the UN Secretariat to increase its vendor database.

    A press release announcing the signing of the cooperation agreement between the UN-ICC/WCF and June 4 press release on the     signature of the above UN-ICC WCF Cooperation Agreement.
    A copy of the signed Cooperation Agreement

These new informational products are linked to the culmination of a new formalized cooperation partnership between the United Nations and the International Chamber of Commerce World Chamber Federation (ICC WCF). In addition to this informational material, Chambers of Commerce may also use these resources in their outreach activities to educate the world vendor community on doing business with the United Nations.

    On-line Training Resource for Chambers of Commerce
    Article on doing business with the United Nations Secretariat

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