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To All US Tax Paying Staff Members about the use of the Tax Portal for 2013 US income tax claims

I am pleased to inform you that we have updated the 2013 Tax Portal which is now available to submit 2013 your tax data electronically in addition to the paper-based submission.

You may access the Tax Portal by entering into the secured website https://taxportal.un.org on Internet Explorer, or, on the iSeek homepage, clicking on Topics > Budget, Finance, Accounting, Tax, Insurance > Tax Information where you will get to a page with a link to the Tax Portal.

For first time users, you can register using your staff index number and last 4 digits of your social security number and then select a password. After registering, you may revisit the website using your index number and your chosen password. The entries called for on the portal correspond exactly to the various line numbers on the prescribed tax forms, such as IRS Form 1040 or NY State Resident Form IT-201. You may copy the respective tax data from the line numbers on your tax forms to the corresponding fields in the Tax Portal.

The objective of using this Tax Portal is to enable the staff of the Income Tax Unit to retrieve your tax data automatically, to expedite the review of the tax claim entered, and to provide accurate tax reimbursements and faster services to you. At the same time, taxpayers who use the Tax Portal to submit the income tax claim data can check the reimbursement status of their claim in the Tax Portal.

However, you will still be required to submit a hard copy of your signed income tax returns along with the completed U.N. forms, F.65 (Request for 2013 income tax settlement and 2014 income tax advances), form F.65/A (supplementary information to form F.65), if applicable, and form F.243 (Consent for the Internal Revenue Service to disclose tax return information to the United Nations), in accordance with paragraphs 5 to 8 of U.N. information circular, ST/IC/2014/6.

If you would like to make changes after the submission, you would be able to do so until the claim is processed by the Income Tax Unit. The processing status of claim can be viewed in the Tax Portal.

Staff members who submit the tax data through the Tax Portal will be allowed one week extension of the deadline to submit both the data on the Portal and the hard copies, from 3 March 2014 to 10 March 2014 for NY-based staff and from 1 April 2014 to 8 April 2014 for overseas staff.

For more information, comments or problems with the Tax Portal, please write to us at taxportal@un.org. Also, for further general information about UN Income Tax Reimbursement, you may visit the Tax website at http://www.un.org/tax.

Thank you.

Christophe Monier
Chief, Insurance and Disbursement Service
Accounts Division, OPPBA/ DM
25 Feb 2014


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