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Postponement of US Income Tax Reimbursement claims filing deadline due to an expected storm in New York


US tax paying staff members are informed that the 3 March 2014 deadline for filing their 2013 income tax reimbursement claim with the Income Tax Unit is being postponed to Wednesday 5 March 2014 in view of the storm expected on Monday 3 March. Staff members are also reminded that if they submit the tax data through the tax portal on the secured website https://taxportal.un.org on Internet Explorer, the deadline for submission of both the electronic data in the tax portal and the hard copies is 10 March 2014. For any additional information and documentation, please consult the tax web site at: www.un.org/tax


Christophe Monier
Chief, Insurance and Disbursement Service
Accounts Division, OPPBA/ DM
28 Feb 2014


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