Letter dated 13 June 2002 from the Secretary-General addressed to the President of the Security Council

I have the honour to inform you and, through you, the members of the Security Council, that, pursuant to paragraph 8 (a) (ii) of Security Council resolution 986 (1995), the Government of Iraq has submitted to me its distribution plan for the purchase of humanitarian supplies during the new period specified in paragraph 1 of resolution 1409 (2002). 

The Government of Iraq was informed today that I have approved the plan on the understanding that its implementation would be governed by resolutions 986 (1995), 1281 (1999), 1284 (1999), 1302 (2000), 1330 (2000), 1360 (2001), 1382 (2001), 1409 (2002) and the memorandum of understanding concluded on 20 May 1996 between the United Nations Secretariat and the Government of Iraq (S/1996/356), without prejudice to the procedures followed by the Security Council Committee established by resolution 661 (1990).

A copy of the list of supplies and goods accompanying the distribution plan will be made available to the Security Council Committee.  On the basis of the information given in the annexes, no items have been identified which would be prohibited under the provisions of the relevant resolutions of the Security Council.  It has been concluded, however, that the necessarily general nature of the description of many items in the annexes to the plan renders it impossible to determine definitively their status under the relevant resolutions of the Council.  The technical experts of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will keep the matter under review and provide further assessment following the submission of applications, in accordance with the provisions contained in resolution 1409 (2002), notably the adoption of the Goods Review List (S/2002/515) and the revised procedures for its implementation.

The distribution plan and the letter dated 13 June 2002 from the Executive Director of the Iraq Programme addressed to the Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations, conveying my acceptance of the plan are attached.


(Signed)  Kofi A. Annan








































                                                                                    Kofi A. Annan