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Notice to Permanent Missions and Suppliers-28 March 2003

Following the temporary suspension of the activities of the humanitarian programme in Iraq, the Independent Inspection Agents have been withdrawn from Iraq.  In the absence of Independent Inspection Agents, the arrival in Iraq of supplies under the Oil-for-Food Programme cannot be authenticated as required by Security Council resolution 986 (1995).  

Suppliers with consignments of goods approved pursuant to Security Council resolution 986 (1995), which are in transit to Iraq, should advise the Office of the Iraq Programme, in writing, through the Permanent Mission of their respective country of the Comm. Number, description and quantity of goods in transit, method of shipment and the current location of the goods. Suppliers should also advise the Office of the Iraq Programme of any special features concerning the handling of the aforementioned consignments such as a requirement for refrigerated storage or the need for delivery to silos in the case of certain food stuffs delivered in bulk.  

On 22 March 2003, members of the Security Council agreed on the need to take appropriate measures promptly to deal with the emergency humanitarian situation prevailing in Iraq.  In that connection, the Security Council is considering proposals for necessary adjustments to the Oil-for-Food Programme.  Information as to any decisions taken in that regard will be provided as appropriate.

The Office of the Iraq Programme regrets that it is unable to respond to requests for information from companies or their representatives. The primary point of contact for companies is the Permanent Mission of their respective countries to the United Nations.


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