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While suppliers are urged to provide end-use/user information to the extent possible when submitting applications, this type of information becomes essential in cases where GRL items are referred to the 661 Committee for approval.  Suppliers will have to work closely with representatives of the buyer to provide details of end-use/user when required.  

End-use information:  Implies specific intended use for the goods concerned. In most cases the use is obvious from the nature of the goods. However, goods may have several applications and the intended use should be specified. For example, it should be specified what type of chemicals a pump will be used in connection with or what particular process a chemical is used in. This type of information may be provided by the supplier at an early stage as it may facilitate review by UN experts.


End-user information:  Differs from end-use information and implies precise location/facility/project/site where the goods are will be used. The information should be as detailed as possible to include a list of facilities and the number of pieces allocated to each facility/site/project. Wherever possible, the use of vague end-user descriptions such as 'all hospitals in Iraq', 'all universities' or 'people of Iraq' should be avoided in this category, especially where the number of items is limited, making it clear that the number of end-users is limited as well.  

If, for whatever reason, it is not possible to provide final end-user information, an effort should be made to provide a provisional allocation plan for the goods concerned. In cases where the goods are bulk consumables, the allocation plan may contain a breakdown per governorate expressed in percentage (i.e. Baghdad, 25%, Basra 20%, etc.)

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