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24 July 2003


Weekly Update


Oil-for-Food Supplies Stranded by War

Confirmed as Safely Delivered


The Oil-for-Food Programme has confirmed that some $57 million worth of goods and supplies stranded at Iraq’s borders by the onset of war on 17 March have been safely received and delivered into the country. Official confirmation of the arrivals has freed up payments to contractors in more than 20 countries.


The stranded goods had reached Iraq when UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan ordered the withdrawal of all UN international staff for their safety. Without the UN’s independent inspection agents to inspect and authenticate arriving goods, the suppliers could not be paid by the Programme. The contracted items ranged from table salt and medicines to irrigation systems, lumber and electrical transformers, that were delivered to the port of Umm Qasr and to land-based entry points bordering Turkey, Syria and Jordan. This week’s confirmation means that some 86 per cent of the total reported cases of stranded goods have been resolved. Other cases are awaiting appropriate documentation.


Prioritized goods for delivery

The total value of goods and supplies prioritized for delivery to Iraq following consultations with the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), Iraqi representatives and UN agencies reached $2.1 billion this week with the addition of 64 food and three oil sector contracts.


Approvals for agriculture sector

The Security Council’s 661 Committee has agreed to a proposal submitted by the Office of the Iraq Programme to cover the cost of two urgent agricultural projects prepared by FAO with the approval of the Coalition Provision Authority and the Iraqi agricultural officials.  The projects will provide “cold chain” and other facilities for the safe storage of animal vaccines ($5.35 million) and some 40,000 tons of fertilizer ($14.1 million) for the winter planting season.

Additional information is available from the website of the Office of the Iraq Programme. For further information please contact Ian Steele email: steelei@un.org