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Reporting Mechanisms

All UN Personnel have a duty to report allegations of misconduct which they become aware of or suspect.

All complaints are treated and handled in a confidential manner.

No specific format is required to make a misconduct complaint.

All complaints of alleged misconduct should contain as much information and detail as possible, but without undertaking an investigation into the allegation.

ID often receives complaints and reports related to office disputes. Miscommunication between colleagues is usually not related to misconduct by either party. In fact, on most occasions, such conflicts reflect interpersonal difficulties and should be primarily addressed at the managerial level.

Allegations in written form may be made as follows:

  1. Mail to one of the ID Offices
  2. Encrypted emails to (The encrypted function can be found under the pull-down menu “Delivery Options” on Lotus Notes),
  3. Hand-delivered: or
  4. in person to one of the OIOS ID Offices:

New York Office
Investigations Division/OIOS
730 3rd Ave
7th Floor
New York NY 10017, USA

Nairobi Office
Investigations Division/OIOS
UN Gigiri Complex.
Block I Level 1 West Wing
Nairobi , Kenya .

Vienna Office
Investigations Division/OIOS
UNOV Vienna International Centre
Wagramerstrasse 5
A-1400 Vienna Austria

Investigation Division has an open door policy. Staff members are welcome to discuss their concerns with any member of the OIOS/ID team by making an appointment.

Frequent Questions

How do I report rumours, suspicions or concerns of sexual exploitation and abuse?

You should report any rumours, suspicions or concerns about Sexual Exploitation and Abuse-related incidents to the designated focal point for Sexual Exploitation and abuse and OIOS' Investigations Division.

How will I be protected if I report a sexual exploitation and abuse suspicion/allegation?

Investigations into reports of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse will be undertaken in a manner which respects, to the greatest extent possible, the confidentiality of the identity of the person(s) submitting the report, as well as the persons who are the subjects of the report.

What if I report a rumour of sexual exploitation that is revealed to be false?

Under the SGB, all staff are required to report their concerns and suspicions regarding sexual exploitation and abuse. Given the nature of sexual exploitation and abuse, an individual may develop concerns or suspicions about sexual exploitation or abuse and may not be in a position to establish the veracity of such information. Do not conduct any investigations or try and find out more information yourself; your obligation is only to report your suspicions or concerns.

All reports should be made in good faith. If you have made a report in good faith which turns out to be false, there will not be any consequences. However, if you maliciously made a false report, you will be subject to disciplinary consequences. But all rumours must be taken seriously: If left unchecked, they may damage the individual(s) concerned and UN as a whole.