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Investigation at Work

Approximately $4.3 million in embezzled funds was recovered and returned to the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) as result of an investigation OIOS conducted in collaboration with the Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) of the European Commission. The investigation revealed that a former senior staff member of UNMIK had initiated the transfer of $4.3 million due to the Kosovo Energy Company to a bank account under his control in Gibraltar. OIOS referred the case to the authorities in Germany and the staff member was subsequently prosecuted and sentenced to a prison term of three years and six months.

As result of an investigation, OIOS found evidence that a security officer at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda had submitted forged documents containing inflated claims and falsehoods, thereby defrauding the United Nations of some $130,000 and attempting to obtain a further $23,000. The Administration of the Tribunal is implementing the recommendations issued by OIOS.

OIOS investigations exposed travel fraud amounting to more than $800,000 at the UN Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The accused staff member was convicted and is serving a 41-month sentence. He has also been ordered to make full restitution.

OIOS exposed theft of UN-owned equipment totaling more than $400,000 from UN missions in Cambodia and Somalia by a contractor. Most of the equipment was recovered. The trial, which involved nationals of two countries, was suspended when one of the accused became a fugitive.

An OIOS investigation exposed a former staff member of the UN Relief and Works Agency who had used false refugee registration numbers to submit fraudulent medical claims, totaling $355,000. OIOS also made recommendations to deter any further abuses.

OIOS led an international Task Force for the investigation of bribery and extortion of refugees in Kenya, seeking to be resettled. The investigation resulted in the arrest of nine individuals by the Kenyan authorities.

An OIOS investigation of a senior staff member at the UN Conference on Trade and Development revealed that he had embezzled over $600,000 from the Organization. The individual was summarily dismissed by the UN and was convicted by the Swiss Court.