~ Information, Instructions and Forms for Fellows ~

Fellows must familiarize themselves with the information presented below and visit this page regularly as it is periodically updated. Furthermore, throughout the Fellowship Programme, Fellows will be required to complete and return to the Programme Advisor various documents which are available for download by following the links below. Fellows will also find links to web-pages which are maintained by DESA and provide information regarding certain administrative aspects of the Fellowship Programme.


United Nations Fellows are reminded that they understand and have accepted obligations, including the following:

(1) To conduct themselves at all times in a manner compatible with my responsibilities as the holder of a United Nations Fellowship;
(2) To refrain during the period of the award from engaging in political, commercial and any other activities other than those governed by the fellowship programme;
(3) To not use their office, knowledge or confidential information gained from the Fellowship Programme for private gain, financial or otherwise, or for the private gain of any third party, including family, friends and those they favour. Nor to use the above-mentioned information for personal reasons to prejudice the position of those they do not favour.
(4) To provide all necessary information in a timely manner to the Fellowship Programme and Host Institutions so as to ensure the normal administration of the Fellowship Programme;
(5) To carry out their research and studies in the manner, and within the period, prescribed by the Fellowship Programme;
(6) To comply with the reporting requirements as stipulated by the Fellowship Programme;
(7) To follow travel and payment instructions issued by the United Nations;
(8) To bear the cost of all medical expenses for which the insurance company will not assume specific responsibility;
(9) To refund the United Nations in a timely manner any and all stipend payments and other Fellowship entitlements for any period for which the United Nations determines that the Fellow is not in compliance with the Programme requirements, or is deemed to have abandoned the Programme.

This page is organized into the following hyperlinked sections:

Fellowship Coordination
Award of Fellowships
(new sequence for 2013-2014 Fellows)
Placement Process
Travel and Payment (Stipends – Book Allowance)
Medical Insurance
OBLIGATORY Reporting Requirements

Fellows' Group Server and Alumni Website

Fellowship Coordination top

The United Nations - The Nippon Foundation of Japan Fellowship Programme is administered by the Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea (DOALOS), Office of Legal Affairs of the United Nations.

The Fellowship application and selection process is administered by DOALOS, as is the placement and overall coordination of the Fellows during their tenure with the host institutions. Travel, stipend payment and insurance services are coordinated jointly by DOALOS and the United Nations System as required.

Unless otherwise instructed by DOALOS, Fellows should communicate directly with the Programme Advisor and all other correspondence, for example with host institutions, should be copied to the same.

Award of Fellowships top

Following the Selection Committee's decision on the award of Fellowships, DOALOS will contact successful candidates to inform them of the decision and confirm their availability to accept the Award. Each successful candidate must duly complete, sign, and return the “UN-Nippon Fellow Acceptance Statement”. This form is included with the notice of award sent to successful candidates.

It is critical that Fellows provide their accurate e-mail, telephone and fax numbers, as well as their postal address, as the subsequent placement process will require frequent direct communications between the Fellows, the Programme Advisor and Host Institution officials. Failure to provide this information, or to react to communications in a timely manner, may lead to the withdrawal of the Fellowship award.


Medical Clearance procedure for SUCCESSFUL candidates only:

Successfully candidates
 must be “medically cleared” by the United Nations Medical Service before their award is processed. It is thus very important that all successful candidates ensure that the UN Medical Form is duly completed by a physician and submitted, including the required supporting documentation, to DOALOS by the deadline. The UN Medical Form must be completed by a physician no more than four (4) months prior to the effective date of the award, and all costs related to the medical examinations are to be borne by the candidates.

Note that the results of the laboratory tests preformed under the “Laboratory” section of this form must be entered in the form and the original laboratory results (reports) must also be submitted with the form, along with the X-ray film and x-ray report. Incomplete UN Medical Forms, including the omission of original laboratory results and x-rays, will cause delays in the processing of your application and may lead to the withdrawal of the Fellowship award.

--> Successful candidates must forward directly to DOALOS their completed UN Medical Form, along with the original laboratory reports and x-ray film.

The form can be downloaded here: The UN Medical Form
(click to download in Adobe PDF format)

Note that no award will be processed until the Letter of Acceptance has been returned and Medical Clearance and relevant visa requirements have been fulfilled.


Placement Process top (new sequence for 2013-2014 Fellows)

Once the Fellow’s Acceptance Statement has been received, and he/she is medically cleared by the United Nations Medical Service, the placement process will begin.

Fellows should understand that the placement process must take into account a wide range of factors including host institution availability, research/study themes, and visa requirements. As such, every effort will be made in order to ensure that Fellows are placed with the most appropriate host institutions (and supervisors), as per their stated preferences, and in accordance with their proposed study/research theme.

However, the Fellowship Programme reserves the right to make a final decision on all placements.

Normally, all Fellows will commence the Fellowship Programme at the same time with the first phase placement for 3-months with DOALOS (New York, United States). The second-phase placement will start immediately after and will be with the appropriate host institution and last approximately 6-months. The Programme Advisor will place the Fellow in direct contact with the host institution supervisor so that discussions regarding the academic programme of study, as well as host institution administrative requirements.


Visas top

It is very important that once Fellows receive confirmation of their placement, they immediately begin applying for visa(s) for the host country(ies). While the United Nations and the host institution(s) may provide Fellows with certain supporting documents in this regard, the timely obtention of all necessary visa(s) – including transit visa(s) – is the sole responsibility of the Fellows. Although the Fellows are also responsible for the costs of obtaining visa(s), it should be noted that the first month’s stipend rate (“Max Trav” rate) is higher than the subsequent months (“Max Res” rate) so as to offset such costs.

Fellows will not be authorized to travel until they have secured the necessary visa(s) for both placements.

Fellows should understand that certain visa application processes are very lengthy and thus they should plan accordingly while considering the timing of their placements and the overall duration of the Fellowship tenure.

Once Fellows have secured the required visa(s), they should immediately provide a copy to DOALOS so that Travel and Payment instructions can be processed.

Fellows are asked not to take family members with them during the Fellowship placements. The United Nations and the host institutions will not provide any supporting documentation for visa application(s) of family members. Also note that the monthly stipend rates are sufficient to cover the normal living expenses of one person, and that no allowances of any kind will be paid for accompanying family members. Furthermore, the Fellows’ medical insurance, which is arranged by the United Nations, will not cover any family members accompanying Fellows during their tenure. Fellows should also consider that, in the course of their award, they may be required to travel under circumstances that would make it difficult or impossible for their family members to accompany them.



Travel and Payment (Stipends – Book Allowance) top

Fellows will be provided with a return air-ticket in economy class for travels from their home country to the first host institution, from the first host institution to the second, and from the second host institution back to their home country.

Travel arrangements will be made by the United Nations, in certain cases through local United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) offices, and in accordance with the applicable United Nations policies.

Fellows will receive a stipend during their 9-month fellowship in accordance with the established United Nations rates for each host Country. These rates are updated regularly and available on the following URL:




For the first month of each of the Fellowship placement phases, Fellows will receive their stipend at the “Max Trav” rate, and all subsequent months will be at the non-academic “Max Res” rate. Stipend paid to Fellows while outside the home country is a monthly allowance intended to cover the cost of lodging, board and other essentials such as laundry and local transport. Stipend is normally payable in the local currency of the host country. Stipend is not a salary or honorarium. It is not intended to cover the Fellows' continuing expenses at home for themselves, nor their families.

Stipend is due from the date the Fellows depart from their home countries, and ends on the date of completion of the Fellowship, including a maximum travel time of up to two days by the most direct air route.

Whenever possible, the first month’s stipend for each phase will be paid to the Fellow in advance. This payment will be organized in conjunction with travel arrangements, both of which may be facilitated by a local UNDP office. Specific information regarding the travel and payment instructions will be provided to the Fellow, as early as possible, but not before all medical, placement and visa procedures have been completed.

During the first phase of the Fellowship placement, Fellows will be provided with a Book Allowance of US$100 per month. This allowance will be transferred to the Fellow either as a lump-sum payment with the second month’s stipend payment, or on a monthly basis with each stipend payment.

Once Fellows start their placements, they should open a local bank account, and complete and return a "Funds Transfer Form" (F249) to DOALOS without delay. This form is available for download here.


Subsequent payments will be made through direct bank transfers to the bank account as stipulated in the Funds Transfer Request Form filed by the Fellow. If Fellows are unable to open a bank account due to local banking policies, they are requested to immediately contact DOALOS.


As international financial transactions are strictly regulated, Fellows are strongly advised to open a local bank account and communicate their banking information to DOALOS immediately upon arrival so as to avoid delays in the transfer of subsequent stipend payments.



Medical Insurance top

Fellows are enrolled in a medical insurance scheme for the duration of their Fellowship award. This coverage is provided by J. VAN BREDA and CO. INTERNATIONAL, Plantin and Meratuslei 295, B - 2200 Antwerp, Belgium.

Fellows should familiarize themselves with their coverage levels and claim procedures, before traveling to their first placement, by consulting the following URLs:







Housing top

Fellows are responsible for securing their accommodations for both placement locations. In certain cases, it may be possible for Fellows to make the appropriate arrangements through their host institutions. Nonetheless, all such arrangements are the sole responsibility of the Fellows. The United Nations, as well as the Host Institutions, will not act on behalf of the Fellows, serve as guarantors, or accept any liabilities or responsibilities in this regard.

Fellows are strongly encouraged to research local housing markets as soon as possible, and secure their accommodations as early as possible.



Reporting Requirements top

Fellows are required to complete several reports during the Fellowship Programme. These reporting requirements are mandatory, and if Fellows do not meet these requirements, they will not be granted a confirmation of completion for the Fellowship Programme and the United Nations will take all appropriate actions including informing the Fellows’ nominating authority and Government.

Please note that the Fellowship Programme reserves the right to make modifications to these reporting requirements during the course of the Programme, and the fulfillment of such modifications by Fellows will also be mandatory.

The current requirements are outlined in the "Fellowship Reporting Requirements" document which is available for download here. It is also the Fellows' responsibility to discuss these requirements with the host institution supervisor when elaborating the programme of work. The mandatory thesis structure template is available for download here.


Fellowship Alumni Organization, Group Server and Alumni Website top


Upon successful completion of the Fellowship Programme, Fellows will become Alumni and be inducted into the Alumni Organization, a prestigious international group of individuals. Information on this organization ccan be found on the Alumni website which is also a rich source of information.


As Fellows you will already be included in many activities of the Alumni, including the possibility of participating in alumni meetings and projects. You will also be provided with unique access to a range of information and media pages as well as services and a @unfalumni.org e-mail address. Fellows are also required to maintain their own profile page on the Alumni website.


Incoming Fellows must join the UN-Nippon Fellows Group which is a group-server established with the following vision:


        "This group is dedicated to the United Nations and the Nippon Foundation Fellows on the Law of the Sea. The group email will be the platform for the Fellows to exchange their views and discuss issues related to the Law of the sea and to associated subjects. The group will be open to Fellows who have completed their programmes as well as the incoming Fellows. In this way, the new Fellows might take advantage of the experiences of the previous Fellows. The group email will be used also to keep in touch, given that the Fellows come from the four corners of the world. It will be a good place to share experiences and giving little briefs on the type of projects or work being undertaken once the Fellows have returned back to their own country."


Fellows may join the group-server by following the "Join this Group" link on the group homepage.


New Fellows are encouraged to make use of the group-server to discuss with the alumni substantive and administrative topics, including information regarding experiences with visa requirements and housing. However, it should be noted that the group-server is an initiative of the Fellows, and not an official website of the Fellowship Programme. As such, the information posted on the group-server and its associated e-mail list should be accurate and useful, but does constitute an official source of information for the Fellowship Programme, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations, The Nippon Foundation of Japan, or that of the Programme Host Institutions.