Oceans and Law of the Sea

Discussion Panel

New Sustainable Uses of the Oceans, including the Conservation and Management of the Biological Diversity of the Seabed in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction   




Prof. Peter  Rona
Prof. S. Kim Juniper

Rutgers University/University of Quebec 

Documentary “Volcanoes of the Deep Sea”  and
Description of Ecosystems of the Deep Seabed and Impacts

Mr. Satya Nandan, Secretary-General of the International Seabed Authority

International Seabed Authority

Benthic Biodiversity and the Work of ISA (Past, Present and Future)

Mrs. Lisa Speer

Natural Resources Defense Council

High Seas Bottom Fisheries and their Effects on Vulnerable Deep Sea Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Mrs. Edith Allison

Office of Natural Gas and Petroleum Technology, US Department of Energy

Gas Hydrates: Future Ocean Resource

Dr. John Stegeman

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Practical Uses of Marine Genetic Resources

Mr. Kazuhiro Kitazawa

Japan Marine Science and Technology Center

Scientific Observations in the Deep-Sea and related Technologies for the Next Generation

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