967, 968, 969 VOTING INFORMATION - Local


This tag is used in the voting records of the General Assembly resolutions adopted with vote and Security Council resolutions. It contains information on each country's vote on a particular resolution.

In the workform for the General Assembly resolutions adopted with vote, the list of member States and their voting information is divided between three tags: (967, 968 and 969 ) because Horizon does not support too many repeated tags.

In the voting records for Security Council resolutions, only tag 967 is used.

In General Assembly resolutions, the following subfields are used in tags 967, 968, 969 :

    $a - country number
    $b - status (9 - not eligible to participate)
    $c - country code
    $d - vote («Y» - «Yes», «N» - «No» or «A» - «Abstained»).
    If the country chose not to vote or was not eligible to vote, subfield $d is not recorded.
    $e - country expansion

967 $a 9     $c AUS $d A $e AUSTRALIA
967 $a 34   $c TCD $e CHAD
968 $a 82   $c ISR   $d N $e ISRAEL
969 $a 131 $c PRY $e PARAGUAY

The voting information for the General Assembly resolutions adopted with vote is imported into Horizon from the voting machine. The information then is checked for possible errors, which may occur during the import process, against the list of the votes in the corresponding voting file of the resolution on V: drive (V:\GA\vote\vote###.txt file.) Possible errors are: country code ($c ) or vote ($d ).

In Security Council resolutions the following subfields are used in tag 967 :

    $a - country number
    $b - status (Permanent or Rotating member of the Security Council)
    $c - country code
    $d - vote («Yes», «No» or «Abstained»)
    Subfield $d is not recorded if the Member State is absent or chose not to vote. If the resolution was adopted without vote,
    subfield $d is not recorded for all Member States (e.g. S/RES/1248(1999)).
    $e - country expansion

967 $a 001 $b R $c AGO $d Y $e ANGOLA

967 $a 006 $b P $c CHN $d Y $e CHINA

967 $a 011 $b P $c RUS $d A $e RUSSIAN FEDERATION

967 $a 001 $b R $c ARG $e ARGENTINA

In the workform for Security Council resolutions, tag 967 contains the list of the 15 members of the Security Council. At the beginning of each session, the list of rotating members must be updated in subfields $c (country code) and $e (country expansion). The list should be alphabetized by the country name and reordered (subfield $a should be changed accordingly).

The vote in subfield $d of tag 967 for Security Council resolutions is defaulted to «Y» («Yes» vote). Information in subfield $d should be changed manually if a country chooses to vote differently.

The Authorities Coordinator should be alerted in the event of the admission of a new Member State or a change in the name of a country.

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