This field contains a code for the subject category, or facet, that is associated with the 1XX field in an established heading record. The code indicates the relative position of the heading in a particular hierarchical arrangement in the thesaurus. The UNBIS Thesaurus is organized into 18 broad subject categories, each of which is further divided into sub-categories. The six-digit code represents the subject category and sub-category to which a thesaurus term has been assigned. Since a thesaurus term may be classified within more that one category, field 072 is repeated for each location of the heading in the thesaurus. Required for thesaurus headings.

The complete list of categories is posted on the Thesaurus web site.

Note: This field is used only for thesaurus headings, not for geographical name headings.

Subfield Codes

$a - Subject category code (NR).
The code for the broad subject category to which the heading belongs in a hierarchically-arranged thesaurus.

$2 - Code source (NR).
A MARC code that identifies the UNBIS Thesaurus, used to assign the subject category code when the second indicator position contains value 7. The code assigned to the UNBIS Thesaurus is: unbist


072 _ 7 $a 14.02.02 $2 unbist [14.02.02 HUMAN RIGHTS]

072 _ 7 $a 05.02.00 $2 unbist [05.02.00 MANAGEMENT]
072 _ 7 $a 14.05.02 $2 unbist [14.05.02 PSYCHOLOGY]

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