A corporate name used as an established name in heading records or as an unestablished name in cross reference records.

Subfield Codes

$a - Corporate name or jurisdiction name as entry element (NR).
In UNBIS, the complete corporate name is entered in $a.

$9 - UN Member State (NR).
Local subfield. Used only with country names to indicate UN membership.

Establish the names of UN bodies in English, with cross-references from other language versions to the extent possible.

In UNBIS, sometimes a body that sounds like a conference (e.g., UNCTAD, the UN Conference on Trade and Development) is treated as a corporate body. If a conference name is entered subordinately under the name of the organization that sponsors it (for example: American Library Association. Conference), the heading is considered to be a corporate name.

Group of Eight. Summit (2005 : Gleneagles, Scotland)

If the name alone does not convey the idea of a corporate body, a general designation may be added.

Black Sea Economic Cooperation (Organization)

A numerical qualifier for numbered sessions includes the ordinal numeral followed by 
«sess.» and the year and place: (1st sess. : 2008 : Geneva), while numerical qualifiers for meetings include the ordinal number only, followed by the year and place; usually, 'meeting' is not included in the numerical qualifier: (1st : 2008 : Geneva).

If sessions of a corporate body consist of separately numbered parts, the part designator follows the session designator, preceded by a comma.

UN. Committee for Programme and Coordination (33rd sess., 2nd pt. : 1993 : New York)

UNCTAD. Trade and Development Board (23rd special sess., 1st pt. : 2006 : Geneva)

When entries for specific sessions or meetings of a corporate body or conference are established, consisting of the parent entry for the name followed by meeting or session qualifiers, cross-references are usually added to the parent entry not to the entries with meeting or session qualifiers. However cross-references may be added to entries for specific sessions or meeting that bear distinctive titles in addition to the generic title of the meeting

In UNBIS practice, «United Nations» is always shortened to «UN» at the beginning of entries, but spelled out in full if it appears in the middle of a name. 

UN. General Assembly (63rd sess. : 2008-2009)

Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

A location qualifier is added to sessions of the Economic and Social Council but not to sessions of the General Assembly, Security Council or Trusteeship Council.

UN. Economic and Social Council (2008, substantive sess., resumed : New York)

It has been the practice in UNBIS to add a geographic qualifier (local name plus country name) to the name of a corporate body unless its geographic location is implicit in the name or it is an international or intergovernmental body. A national non-governmental body is qualified by the name of the country in which the body resides. When used as geographic qualifiers, Geneva, New York and national capitals are recorded without the name of their respective countries. For place names in the United States, add the name of the state in the abbreviated form shown in AACR2 App. B.14A. For place names in the United Kingdom, add England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, as appropriate.

Bogaziçi Universitesi (Istanbul, Turkey). Biomedical Engineering Center

Enfants du Monde - Droits de l'homme (Organization : France)

SustainAbility Limited (London)

Emory University (Atlanta, Ga.)


110 1 _ $a Namibia. [Constitution 1990]

110 1 _ $a Azerbaijan. [Treaties, etc. Russian Federation, 1997 Jul. 3]

110 1 _ $a Bangladesh. Bureau of Statistics

110 1 _ $a Jamaica. Prime Minister

110 1 _ $a Canada. Non-Proliferation, Arms Control and Disarmament Division

110 1 _ $w b $a Canada. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

110 1 _ $a Córdoba (Argentina : Province). Dirección de Comercio Exterior

110 2 _ $a Statistics Canada

110 2 _ $a National Climatic Data Center (United States)

110 2 _ $a UN. General Assembly (10th emergency special sess. : 1997)

110 2 _ $a UN. Security Council (58th year : 2003)

110 2 _ $a UN. Economic and Social Council (2003 : New York and Geneva)

110 2 _ $a UN. Economic and Social Council (2003, organizational sess. : New York)

110 2 _ $a UN. Economic and Social Council (2003, substantive sess. : Geneva)

110 2 _ $a UN. Economic and Social Council (2003, substantive sess., resumed : New York)

110 2 _ $a UN. Conference on Disarmament (1993 sess., 3rd pt. : Geneva)

110 2 _ $a UN. Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization (6th sess. : 1998 : Vienna)

110 2 _ $a UNCTAD (9th sess. : 1996 : Midrand, South Africa). Committee of the Whole. Chairman

110 2 _ $a UN. Department of Public Information

110 2 _ $a UN. Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Timor-Leste

110 2 _ $a UN. Commission on the Status of Women (43rd sess. : 1999 : New York). Panel Discussion on Institutional Mechanisms. Moderator

110 2 _ $a ASEAN. Ministerial Meeting (28th : 1995 : Bandar Seri Begawan)

110 2 _ $a Economic Community of West African States. Authority of Heads of State and Government (21st sess. : 1998 : Abuja)

110 2 _ $a International Society on Family Law. World Conference (8th : 1994 : Cardiff, Wales)

110 2 _ $a Centrais Elétricas de Minas Gerais

110 2 _ $a South-East European Cooperation Process (Organization)

110 2 _ $a DANCED (Organization : Denmark)

110 2 _ $a Adeptum (Firm : Budapest)

110 2 _ $a African Industrial Development Fund

110 2 _ $a Sasakawa-Global 2000 (Programme)

110 2 _ $a Regional Network on Safe Pesticides Production and Information for Asia and the Pacific

110 2 _ $a National Association of Community Legal Centres (Australia)

110 2 _ $a Ghana $9 ms

110 2 _ $a Palau $9 ms

110 2 _ $a Iran (Islamic Republic of)  $9 ms

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