Authority-controlled field.

In speech index records, tag 710 is recorded in connection with tag 700. It identifies the speaker's affiliation (country, organization, group, specialized agency, title, office, etc.). The authority-controlled name as found in the UNBIS Name Authority File is entered in 710 $a.

If an UNBIS authority record for a corporate name does not exist, a new authority record is created.

NOTE: The General Assembly permits certain petitioners to address the Committees in their personal capacity. In such cases, a triple asterisk «***» appears in place of the corporate name/country affiliation.


191 $a S/PV.2538
700 1_ $a Denktas, Rauf R.
710 2_ $a ***

In cases where a speaker is also speaking on behalf of another country or countries, the country of affiliation of the speaker is entered in 710 $a.


191 $a A/C.1/58/PV.13
700 1_ $a Durrani, Asif
710 2_ $a Pakistan
[Mr. Durrani from Pakistan spoke on behalf of the delegations of Bangladesh, Egypt, Jordan, Nepal, Nigeria, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Turkey and his own delegation]

In cases where the speaker is the President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, or Deputy Prime Minister, King, or Prince of a country, the title is added to the country. Anything below the ranking mentioned (e.g., Foreign Minister, Minister of Health) is not included.


710 2_ $a Tajikistan. President

710 2_ $a Vanuatu. Deputy Prime Minister

710 2_ $a Brunei Darussalam. Prince

Officers of the Main UN bodies (GA, SC, ECOSOC) - President, Vice-President - and Officers of the Main Committees (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Committees) - Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Rapporteur, and Secretary - are also recorded in tag 710.


710 2_ $a UN. Security Council (59th year : 2004). President

710 2_ $a UN. Economic and Social Council (2001 : New York and Geneva). Vice-President

710 2_ $a UN. General Assembly (58th sess. : 2003-2004). Vice-President

710 2_ $a UN. General Assembly (58th sess. : 2003-2004). 1st Committee. Chairman

710 2_ $a UN. General Assembly (58th sess. : 2003-2004). 3rd Committee. Vice-Chairman

710 2_ $a UN. General Assembly (58th sess. : 2003-2004). 5th Committee. Rapporteur

710 2_ $a UN. General Assembly (40th sess. : 1985-1986). 2nd Committee. Secretary

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