Term Selection (translation of concepts into the documentary language)


A. Topical subjects (tag 650)

B. Corporate and Conference subjects (tags 610 and 611)

C. Personal name subjects (tag 600)

D. Title subjects (tag 630)

E. Bodies, conferences and texts not yet in existence (tags 610, 611, 630)

D. Title Subjects (tag 630)

The subject of a document might be a specific treaty, declaration, programme of action, international week/day/year/decade, manual, guideline, set of rules and regulations, etc. When such a treaty, declaration, etc. has an established title, it is assigned as a title subject in tag 630. The authority record established for title subjects is known as a uniform title (see the UNBIS Reference Manual for guidelines on establishing uniform titles).

In order to facilitate searches by subject, the indexer should assign a topical term or terms (tag 650) in addition to the title subject, reflecting the main subject(s) of the treaty, declaration, etc.

A document about the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty would be indexed as follows:

630 07 $a Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty (1993)

Documents that contain substantial text of the treaty, declaration, etc. should be assigned tag 730 (Uniform Title) in addition to the title subject recorded in tag 630. They also require the assignment of appropriate Content Codes (A08, A20, A19, etc.) and appropriate descriptors for the type of entity (e.g. DECLARATIONS (TEXT), TREATIES (TEXT)). For more information about UNBIS indexing policy for title subjects, see guidelines for tag 630 in the UNBIS Manual for Bibliographic Description.

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