General note contains information about a series symbol, its authorized entry name or about documents issued under a series symbol.

The note is written, in a form adequate for public display, in subfield $i.

Various notes are separated from each other by ISBD punctuation. Abbreviations are used according to AACR2.

More than one General note may be recorded in separate 680 fields.


190 $b A/AC.237/NC
680 $i Continued by: FCCC/NC/ (1995-1996)

190 $b A/HRC/7/AC.3/
680 $i Continues: A/HRC/4/AC.3/(2007)
680 $i Continued by: A/HRC/10/AC.3/(2008-####)
[Also, when a series symbol is continued by another series symbol, add tag 970 subfield $b with the last year documents were issued under the series symbol]

190 $b E/ECE/MP.EIA/IC/
680 $i Documents for 1st-11th meetings issued under series symbol [E/]ECE/MP.EIA/WG.1/; documents for 12th-14th meetings issued under series symbol [E/]ECE/MP.EIA/
[Documents for the 15th meeting in an on-going series of meetings are issued under a new series symbol, but the earlier series symbols are not continued by the new series symbol]

190 $b E/CN.18/
680 $i Series symbol also used for: Open-ended Ad Hoc Expert Group to Develop Proposals for the Development of a Voluntary Global Financial Mechanism/Portfolio Approach/Forest Financing Framework (2008 : Vienna)
[Series symbol used for a different subsidiary body. Also add the name of the subsidiary body in tag 975 and 976 of the sessional entry]

190 $b A/C.3
680 $i In 1976 the session indication was added in the symbol: A/C.3/(sess.)/

190 $b A/CN.9/WG.IV/
680 $i Some documents restricted
680 $i Earlier names: Working Group on International Negotiable Instruments (1976-1986); Working Group on International Payments (1987-1992); Working Group on Electronic Data Interchange (1993-1996)

190 $b E/CN.4/
680 $i Some documents restricted
680 $i Previous symbol: E/HR/ (1946)

190 $b E/AC.52/
680 $i Some documents restricted
680 $i Documents for sessions 3 through 8 also issued under symbol STD/(sess.)/
680 $i See also: ID/WG.26/ (1968)

190 $b UNAVEM/
680 $i Not a UN document series symbol; used as a sorting device

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