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The 949 field is not added manually.

It contains data automatically extracted from the Library holdings or item record(s) attached to the bibliographic record [used for the import and export of item information].

A separate 949 field is automatically added for every item record attached to the bibliographic record.


949 $9 E/ECE/MP.PP/2003/4 $a 717681 $b 7176811 $c c.1 $d 12287 $i 1155964 $k unes $l DHL $m 14day $p 0 $u 12287 $z t

949 $9 E/ECE/MP.PP/2003/4 $a 717681 $b 717681g $d 12283 $i 1154563 $k gun $l UNOG $m unog $p 0 $u 12283 $z t
[bibliographic record with a DHL and a UNOG item record attached]

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