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 UND code - abbreviations of the months

This field is used differently in retrospective indexing, Please click here if you are doing retrospective indexing.

The Product Code consists of a minimum of three and a maximum of eight alphanumeric characters in coded form, recorded in 930 subfield $a. Multiple Product Codes may be assigned in separate 930 fields.

The first three alphabetic characters indicate the Library product in which the bibliographic record will appear (bibliographies, indexes, catalogues, databases, etc.) or designate a specific scope or usage (such as digitization projects).

Four or five alphanumeric characters may be added to indicate the specific issue or date for recurring publications.

For annual publications, the year is entered as XXXYY (XXX followed by the 2 last digits of the year).

For quarterly publications, the issue and year are entered as QNYY (Q = "quarterly", N = the issue number of the volume (1, 2, 3 or 4), YY = the last 2 digits of the year).

For monthly publications, the month and year of the issue are entered as MMYY (MM = a 2-letter code for the month, YY = the last 2 digits of the year).

For weekly or biweekly publications, the month, week and year are entered as MMWYY (MM = a 2-letter code for the month, W = the number of the week of the month when the item will be published, YY = the last 2 digits of the year).

Dag Hammarskjöld Library maintains the list of Product Codes used in UNBIS. Requests for new Product Codes should be submitted to DHL for approval.

For UN documents, the Product Code UND is recorded in field 930 $a on all newly created bibliographic records to be included in the UN Documents Index. It is followed by a 2-letter code for the month, and the last 2 digits of the year in which the record was created.

See UND Codes - abbreviations for a list of alphabetic codes used to designate months in the Product Code UND.


245 10 $a Human rights implications, particularly for indigenous people, of the disappearance of States for environmental reasons
930 $a UNDSE03
930 $a UDIQ203
930 $a HURXXX03
[UN document indexed in Sept. 2003, included in issue no. 2, 2003, of UN Documents Index and year 2003 of Human Rights Bibliography]

245 10 $a Tourist Map of Sydney $h [cartographic material]
930 $a MAP
930 $a CAT
[Document included in Map Reference Collection and Public Catalogue (Dag Hammarskjöld Library)]

For ITP, product code 930 is used only in the situation when documents of other session are used for the current session. For example, for consideration of agenda item 120 of the 58th session, the 5th Committee had before it several documents of the 57th session. In such cases, agenda item of 58th session is added to the records of those documents and subfields $m and $s are added in tag 991 accordingly.


191      $a A/C.5/57/35 $b A/ $c 57 $9 G00
245 10 $a Conditions of service and compensation for officials, other than Secretariat officials, serving the General Assembly : $b full-time members of the International Civil Service Commission and the Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions : report of the Secretary-General
930     $a ITPA58
991 1 $b A/58/251 $b 20 $c Programme budget for the biennium 2002-2003. $d UN-- BUDGET (2002-2003) $m A/ $s 58 $z I0177523

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