This field is used differently in retrospective indexing, Please click here if you are doing retrospective indexing.

Used by Dag Hammarskjöld Library to record local information of interest to their staff.
Also used by other libraries participating in UNBIS to record information that may be of interest to staff in all libraries.
UNOG, ECLAC and UNOV libraries use tag 597 to record information that is only of interest to their staff.


596 $a Reissued for technical reasons.
[Document is reissued in all languages with same document symbol.
If a new job no. is present, replace the earlier job number with the new one.
This note may be of interest to staff of all libraries participating in UNBIS]

[Prior to Mar. 2009, the new job no. was added in new 029ab field preceding the earlier job no.]

596 $a Reissued in French for technical reasons.
596 $a Reissued in French, Russian and Spanish for technical reasons.
[If only certain language versions of a document are reissued for technical reasons, record tag 596 note as shown in the two examples above]

596 $a Imprint in French.
[Language of the imprint recorded in field 260 differs from language recorded in 008/35-37. This note may be of interest to staff of all libraries participating in UNBIS]

596 $a Imprint partially in English (date).
[In this example, the date appears in English on the document, while the place and publisher appear in the language recorded in 008/35-37]

596 $a No job no.
[Notes about job numbers on UN documents and publications may be of interest to staff of all libraries. Other examples: "Job no. not printed"; "No job no. on English ed."; "Job no. only on Russian ed.", etc.]

596 $a Individual issues not indexed.

596 $a Individual issues not indexed from issue no. 92.
[Serials records that are not indexed or are no longer indexed at the level of individual issues. This note may be of interest to staff of all libraries participating in UNBIS so it is recorded by all libraries in tag 596]

596 $a Requires Agdocno and Agitem 4a.
[Bib. record is entered before Agenda Authority records have been created; note will be deleted by DHL when Agenda Authority is created. This note is of interest to DHL staff; UNOG Library records this note in tag 597]

596 $a Retrospective conversion (mm/yy).
[Prior to Aug. 2005, the "Retrospective conversion (mm/yy)" note was recorded in field 594]


[a reminder to UNOG staff that item may later be available on Internet and should be checked so that 856 URL link can be added; local note will then be deleted]

Prior to August/September 2003, notes about peculiarities in UN document symbols (presence or location on documents, discrepancies, etc.) were recorded in tag 596.
The current UNBIS policy is to record such information in tag 500 General Note.


500 $a Document symbol not printed.
500 $a Document symbol from back cover.
500 $a Erroneous document symbol on p. 2-13: TRANS/WP.30/2003/11.
500 $a Erroneous document symbol on French ed.: E/CN.4/2005/SR.18.

When an error in a document symbol is corrected by a corrigendum, the corrigendum note is recorded in tag 515 Numbering Peculiarities Note:

515 $a Corrects document symbol to: [E/ECE/]MP.EIA/2001/17.
515 $a Document symbol corrected by: [E/ECE/]ENVWA/2/Corr.1.

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