239 UNIQUE TITLE - Local

The title of an item, with qualifying text added to create a meaningful and distinctive title, particularly for the author, subject and title indexes of publications. This field is often used in records for serials.

Text of the modified title, followed by additional qualifying text, often enclosed within parentheses or square brackets depending on the information added.

Field 239 is used by DHL for the publication of the Index to Proceedings (ITP).

Field 239 is no longer used by UNOG staff. Instead, qualifying text to create meaningful and distinctive titles may be added between square brackets to titles in field 245, or distinctive variant titles are added in field 246.


239 10 $a Draft resolution [on the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo]
245 00 $a Draft resolution

239 10 $a Security Council resolution 1468 (2003) [on the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo]
245 00 $a Resolution 1468 (2003) / $c adopted by the Security Council at its 4723rd meeting, on 20 March 2003

239 10 $a Note [on a mission to Burundi and Rwanda]
245 00 $a Note / $c by the President of the Security Council

239 10 $a Statement [made on behalf of the Security Council, at the 6900th meeting, 15 Jan. 2013, in connection with the Council's consideration of the item entitled "Threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts"]
245 00 $a Statement / $c by the President of the Security Council

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