A two-letter code identifying the type of document number appearing on the item is entered in subfield $a. According to the type of material and issuing body the following codes are in use:
    AN - Accession number
    CN - Corporate source number
    GN - Government document number
    IN   - Intergovernmental or Non-governmental document number
    JN - UN document job number
    MN - Microfiche number
    RN - Report number
    SN - UN Specialized Agency document number
    SS - UN Specialized Agency sales number
    UN - UN sheet map number

The document number allows for the unique identification of the item. It may appear on top or at bottom of the title page. Sometimes it appears on the second page, last page, or back cover of a publication.

The numeric/alphabetic characters comprising the document number should be recorded in subfield $b in the same form in which they appear on the publication, including punctuation and spaces, except for UN document job numbers (code JN in subfield $a). See Recording UN Document Job Numbers below for rules on recording UN document job numbers in subfield $b.


029 $a GN $b Catalogue no. 65-001
245 1 0 $a Canadian international merchandise trade / $c Statistics Canada

029 $a GN $b Catalogue no. T1-10/
245 1 0 $a Transportation in Canada ..., annual report / $c Transport Canada

029 $a GN $b ABS Catalogue no. 1101.0
245 1 0 $a Catalogue of publications and products / $c Australian Bureau of Statistics

029 $a IN $b ESA/EXEC(79)3
245 1 0 $a Continued studies of the future European telecommunications satellite programme : $b final report / $c European Space Agency

029 $a RN $b CD-TGR95-LV3-###
245 1 0 $a LandView 3 $h [computer file] : $b environmental mapping software

For a UN sheet map:

029 $a UN $b 3853 Rev.1
245 $a Thailand $h [cartographic material]

For a Government map:

029 $a GN $b 803104AI(R01083) 3-05
245 $a Europe $h [cartographic material]

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UN Document Job Numbers

Job numbers are assigned to all material reproduced by the United Nations and are registered in the Documents Retrieval and Information Tracking System (DRITS). A unique job number is assigned to each language version of a document. Job numbers appearing on documents issued at UN Headquarters (New York) consist of the last two digits of the year and a serial number corresponding to the order of submission of the manuscripts to the Documents Control service. Job numbers appearing on documents issued at other UN offices are preceded by a letter or letters designating the location.

Job numbers printed on documents issued at:

    New York have no prefix;
    Geneva have prefix «GE»;
    Vienna have prefix «V»;
    Rome have prefix «R» , etc.

The job number usually appears on the lower left corner of the first page of the document, along with a barcode. Sometimes it appears on the second page, last page, or back cover of a publication.

Job numbers are used as unique document identifiers for the purpose of transferring UNBIS metadata to the Official Document System (ODS) so it is important that they are recorded correctly in tag 029.

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Recording UN Document Job Numbers in tag 029

The code JN is always entered in subfield $a.
The job number should be entered in subfield $b in the same form in which it is recorded in ODS (e.g. N0059696 or G0232067) even though it may appear on the document in another form (e.g. 00-59696 or GE.2002032067).
The job number recorded in subfield $b is always followed by a space and a capital letter indicating the language version of the document. It is important that the letter following the job number corresponds to the language version of the document so that the document title will display correctly in ODS.

When a document is reprinted or reissued with the same document symbol but a new job number, replace the earlier job number with the new one.

[Prior to Mar. 2009, the new job no. was added in new 029ab field preceding the earlier job no.]

[Prior to 1992, job numbers were not recorded in UNBIS]

See Guidelines for Retrospective Indexing of UN Documents for rules on recording job numbers for documents indexed retrospectively in the framework of digitization projects.


029 $a JN $b G0232067 E
[on document: GE.2002032067; issued at Geneva, English edition]

029 $a JN $b N0059696 E
[on document: 00-59696; issued at New York, English edition]

029 $a JN $b R981269 F
[document issued at Rome (Italy), French edition]

029 $a JN $b K920181 E F S
[document issued at Nairobi (Kenya), multilingual English/French/Spanish]

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