When the item described contains republished UN documents with document symbols, the symbols of the republished documents are recorded in field 019. If there is more than one republished document in the item described, they are listed in a single 019 subfield $a, separated by commas.

Hyphens may be used to abbreviate sequences of numbers.


019 $a A/CN.4/SR.2565-2611
191 $a A/CN.4/SER.A/1999
245 1 0 $a Yearbook of the International Law Commission. $n 1999. Volume 1, $p Summary records of the meetings of the 51st session, 3 May-23 July 1999
[Publication containing summary records originally issued under document symbols A/CN.4/SR.2565, A/CN.4/SR.2566, etc.]

019 $a A/36/450(S/14644), A/AC.131/83, A/AC.131/85, A/AC.131/87, A/AC.131/L.210-212
191 $a A/36/24
245 1 0 $a Report of the United Nations Council for Namibia
[Publication containing documents originally issued under document symbols A/36/450-S/14644, etc.]

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