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Subfield $a (Organization Codes)
Subfield $b (Location Codes)
 UNHQ Location Codes
 UNOG Location Codes
 ECLAC Location Codes (not available in UNBIS)
 ESCAP Location Codes (not available in UNBIS)
Subfield $c (Call Number)

Subfield $a - Organization Code
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Three alphabetic characters identifying the organization, agency or office where the item is located.

    UNG - UN Office at Geneva (UNOG)
    UNH - UN Headquarters (UNHQ)
    CAP - UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)
    LAC- UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)

Subfield $b - Location Code
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Identification of the particular unit or collection where the item is located within the organization indicated in subfield $a.

UNHQ location codes:

  • in Dag Hammarskjöld Library, UNHQ:
      DHB - Acquisitions Section (National bibliographies Collection)
      DHC - External Materials Processing Unit
      DHG - Legal Reference Collection
      DHL - Main Collection
      DHM - Map Reference Collection
      DHR - General Reference Reading Room
      DHS - Statistical Reference Collection
      DHU - UN/SA Reference Collection
      DHW - Woodrow Wilson Memorial Collection
      DHX - UNX Collection
      [publications about the UN and specialized agencies]
  • in other locations in UNHQ:
      ARC - Archives Reference Collection
      CTC - United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations
      OCN - Office of the United Nations Commissioner for Namibia
      TES - United Nations Training and Examinations Service
      TRN - Translation Division Reference Collection

    UNOG location codes:
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  • in UN Library, UNOG:
      GBC - Bibliographical Collection
      GES - Economic and Social Questions Reading Room
      GHC - League of Nations Archives and Historical Collections
      GIS - Interpretation Service Reference Collection
      GLO - Chief Librarian's Office
      GLP - Legal and Political Reading Room
      GLS - Specialized Library Collection
      GML - Main Library
      GOD - Order Department
      GRF - Reference Collection
      GST - Statistics Reading Room
      GTU - Library Technical Unit Collection
      GUN - UN Reference Collection

  • in other locations in UNOG:
      DRM - Disarmament Research and Reference Collection
      TRM - Terminology Collection 

    ECLAC location codes:
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  • in UN Library, ECLAC:
      SUN - UN documents collections

    ESCAP location codes:

  • in UN Library, ESCAP:

      - ECAFE / ESCAP Collection
      - General
      - Organizational Development Collection
      - Reference Collection
      - UNICEF Collection
      - UN documents collections
      - UNESCO Collection

    Subfield $c - Call Number
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  • The classification number/code and Cutter number assigned to the Item according to the classification system(s) used by the agency. Indication of the shelf location of the item within the collection.

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