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General Assembly, 3rd session, Paris
Third Committee
30 September to 7 December

At its 142nd meeting on 24 September 1948, the General Assembly referred the draft International Declaration of Human Rights to the Third Committee for its consideration.

The Third Committee considered it at its:
88th to 105th (30 September to 18 October) meetings,
107th to 116th (19 to 29 October) meetings,
119th to 134th (30 October to 12 November) meetings,
137th to 167th (15 to 30 November) meetings, and
174th to 179th (4 to 7 December) meetings.

The Third Committee spent 81 meetings discussing the draft Declaration as a whole and by individual articles. 168 formal draft resolutions containing amendments to various articles were submitted during the course of the debate. A detailed summary of the discussions is found in the United Nations Yearbook, 1948-1949, p. 526-529.

The Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights in addressing the Third Committee, noted that the Declaration was only the first step in the elaboration of the human rights programme called for in the Charter. The draft Declaration was a statement of basic principles of inalienable human rights setting up a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations. (A/C.3/SR.89)

The Third Committee set up a Sub-Committee to review the Declaration for consistency of language and style (A/C.3/400/Rev.1).
At its 178th meeting the Third Committee voted on the text as a whole. The draft Declaration was adopted by a roll-call vote of 29 votes in favour, none opposed and seven abstentions. (A/PV.178)

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