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Economic and Social Council
2nd Session
25 May to 21 June
Hunter College, The Bronx, New York

During its second session, the Economic and Social Council(ECOSOC) adopted Resolution 9(II) on 21 June 1946, which accepted the Nuclear Commission's report, E/38/Rev.1, and set up the terms of reference for the Commission on Human Rights.

Resolution 9(II) also requested the Secretary-General to compile a collection of information on existing human rights treaties, information on human rights relating to the Nuremburg and Tokyo trials and a survey of the development of human rights and plans and declarations from specialized agencies and international organizations. This task was assigned to the Secretariat's Division of Human Rights, then headed by John Humphrey.

The ECOSOC assigned the task of making provision "for the implementation of human rights and of an international bill of rights" to the new Commission on Human Rights (Resolution 9(II)).

This resolution also established the Sub-Commission on Freedom of Information and the Press; the Sub-Commission on Protection of Minorities and the Sub-Commission on the Prevention of Discrimination.

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