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UN Deposit Info: Claiming Procedures for UN Materials
Dear Depository Librarian,

I am pleased to inform you that United Nations form PS.16 ("Request for Documents") has been converted into a WORD document (posted at:; WORD98 or WORD2000 is required to access it). Kindly note that claims can only be processed if they are recorded on a PS.16 form; other formats are not acceptable. 

E-mail claiming directly to the Distribution Section is not possible at this time; however, depository libraries may send their claims for MATERIALS ISSUED IN NEW YORK (see item 4) to the e-mail address of the Depository Libraries Group ( Claims received by e-mail will be printed out in four copies and forwarded to the Distribution Section by inter-office mail. If you send the form directly to the Distribution Section by regular mail, you should also submit this form in FOUR copies. Direct requests for New York items should be sent to this address only:

Distribution Section 
Room NL-314
United Nations 
New York, NY 10017
To avoid duplication, please allow a reasonable amount of time to pass before submitting a claim since the initial distribution is shipped at the book rate and may therefore take several months to arrive.

Before submitting claims, kindly review the specific guidelines contained in the INSTRUCTIONS FOR DEPOSITORY LIBRARIES RECEIVING UNITED NATIONS MATERIALS (ST/LIB/13/Rev.5), The main points to be noted are:

1. Depository librarians should keep in mind the extent and language of the deposit as well as the designation date. Only materials that fall within these limits may be claimed, e.g., a partial depository may only claim publications, official records and the masthead documents of the regional commission located in its area; a library with an English deposit may only claim English-language materials. Depository libraries may only send claim for materials issued after their designation.

2. UN materials must be claimed by SALES NUMBER (if the item carries a sales number). If the item does NOT have a sales number, please use the SYMBOL. Printed indexes or UNBISnet (the webcatalog of the UN Library; posted at: should be used to verify the appropriate numbers and symbols. 

3. Certain items are not for deposit; kindly refer to the INSTRUCTIONS for further details.

4. UN material must be requested from the duty station at which it was issued. Please use printed indexes or UNBISnet to verify the place of publication. The INSTRUCTIONS list the addresses for all duty stations.

5. Global claims (such as, "All issues after no. 50 ...") are not acceptable. Please refer to printed indexes or UNBISnet in order to verify what has actually been issued. 

6. Each requested item must be listed on a separate line since the Distribution Section needs to be able to record the status of each item.

For more information, please contact: 

Coordinator, Depository Libraries
Dag Hammarskjöld Library
DN-2446, United Nations
New York, NY 10017
United States of America

Phone: +1 212 963 7444
Fax: +1 212 963 1779


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