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Introductory Note

The libraries contained in this list have been designated as official UN depositories by the United Nations Publications Board. Depositories may hold a partial deposit (comprising official records and printed publications) or a full deposit (comprising official records, printed publications and masthead documents).

Depository libraries with full or free deposit may choose to substitute online access to the Official Document System (ODS) for hard copy distribution of their entitlements.

All designated depository libraries are mandated to place the material received in the care of qualified library staff, to keep it in good order and to make it accessible to the general public, free of charge, at reasonable hours. They are also expected to make deposited items available through interlibrary loan or photocopy to users within their area who cannot easily visit the depository library concerned.

Each entry contains the following information:
- Name and mailing address of the depository;
- Telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and Internet site;
- Depository or parliamentary library code number;
- Beginning date of deposit (month and year); and
- Extent and lauguage(s) of the material deposited.

Included in this list, for the convenience of the user, are United Nations Information Centres/Information Services and United Nations Offices. More in-depth information is accessible at:


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