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2012 Survey - Results
I. Confirmation of compliance with the conditions of deposit
Note: Responses collected in this section of the survey (Questions 1-3) are for internal use only and are not published in these results.
VIII. Please provide the current SHIPPING ADDRESS
Note: Responses collected in this section of the survey (Question 37) are for internal use only and are not published in these results.
IV. Client Services
29. What are the main subject areas of UN research that your clients use/access most regularly?
303 Replies received

Summary of replies (Please note that replies include keywords in English, French and Spanish, the 3 languages used to collect the questionnaire):

économie, économie et finances, academic, accesibilidad, acceso al agua, accounting, acta y documentos oficiales, africa & latin america, agricultura, agricultural, agriculture, agriculture & fisheries, agroforestry, AIDS, alimentación, annual reports, annual statistics, anuário estatístico, anuarios estadísticos, apartheid, aquaculture, arbitration treaties, armamento, army, asamblea general y comisiones que tiene relación con ecuador y con la región., asistencia humanitaria, assemblée générale et résolutions du conseil de sécurité, asuntos sociales, bahrain in economy, bank, basic data about UN, business, cambio climático, caribbean-related, carta de la naciones unidas, cascos azules, child development, child labour, child woman, children, ciencias sociales, civil rights, civil society and social movements, climate change, climatic change, codification and progressive development of international law, collection of treaties, comercio internacional, commerce and trade, commodity, communications, comparison economic data between two UN nations, conflict resolution, conflicts between states, conseil de sécurité, conventions & declarations, conventions internationales, corruption, corte internacional de justicia, country & regional information, country information, country statistics., crimes, cuestion de palestina, cultural heritage, culture, días internacionales, data produced by UN statistics division and other bodies of the UN, democracia, demografia, demographic and social books, demographic and statistical information, demographic data, demographic yearbooks, demography, derecho internacional, derechos, derechos de la mujer, derechos del niño, derechos humanos, desarme, desarmement, desarrollo, desarrollo economico en america latina, desarrollo humano, desarrollo social, desarrollo sustentable, desarrolo económico en américa latina, developing countries, developing economies, development, development & poverty, development issues, development reports, development rights, development statistics, development studies, development studies and conflict resolution, developmental, developmental issues, diplomacy, disability issues, disarmament, disarmament & international security, disarmament and the regulation of armaments, disarmament treaty, disarmement, disaster management, discapacidad, displaced persons, documents and sales number publications, documents of the general assembly and the Security Council, documents pertaining to puerto rico, domaines juridique et économique, drogas, droit, droit international, droits de l'homme, drug abuse, drugs, drugs and crime, drugs and crimes, ECA, ECE, ecology, ecomony, economía, economía de américa latina, economía mundial y pobreza, economia, economic and agriculture, economic and development, economic and financial information, economic and social council proceedings, economic and social development, economic and sociological data, economic development, economic statistics, economical development, economics, economie, economy, ECOSOC, educação infantil, educación, education, employment, energy, enfermedades prevalentes, engineering, enterpreneurship, enviromental issues, environment, environment and climatic change, environment law, environmental issues, environmental law, environmental policies, environmental pollution, environmental problems, environmental protection, environmental science, ESA publications, ESCAP, ESCWA, estadísticas, europe, european countries activities, european economy, explotacion laboral, FAO, FAO material related to water/water quality, filosofía, finance, finance and commerce., financial matters, finanzas, fish quota management, fisheries, fishing, food, food additives, food contamination, food nutritional content, food quality, food security, foreign affairs, foreign direct investments, foreign policy, forestry, género, GA & SC resolutions, GA documents & resolutions, gender, gender and development, gender discrimination, gender equality, gender issues, general, General Assembly documents, General Assembly official records, General Assembly proceedings, general economics history law, general international law, geografía, geography, geography & commerce, gestion del conocimiento, global governance & the rule of law, global issues, governance, guerra, handbooks of UN, health, health and current events, health and development economics, health and international issues, health documents (OMS), health issues, health questions, healthcare, higher education, histoire, historia, historic research on human rights and major conventions., historical, historical data, historical UN collection, history, HIV/AIDS, housing and development, human, human development, human development report, human rights, human rights & environment, human rights issues, human rights resources, humanitarian affairs, humanitarian issues, humanos economía, ICJ cases, ICJ judgements, ICT, ILO in labour aspect, ILO material, IMF and UNCTAD, immigration, import and export information, inclusión, inclusión e igualdad social, indústria, index to proceedings, indicadores económicos, indicadores sociale, individual countries responses to issues, industry, información pública del banco mundial, information about conferences reports, information science, innovación y ciencia, instituciones, instrumentos internacionales, integración económica regional, integración regional, international, international and comparitive politics, international and non-governmental organizations, international court of law, international courts and tribunals, international crime prevention, international criminal law, international development, international economy, international environmental governance, international environmental law, international human rights law, international humanitarian law, international law, international law and trade, international law commission, international migration, international organizations, international peace and security, international relations, international relations and history, international research, international security, international trade, international trade and finance, international trade law, international treaties, IT & communications, juventud, Korea, labor force, labour, latin american economic issues, law, law of the sea, law of treaties, law reports, laws, league of nations, legal, legal documents & human rights, legal issues, legal materials, legislación, literacy, livelihood, maltrato infantil, mantenimiento de la paz, manual of statistics of international trade, masthead documents, media, medicine, medio ambiente, mercancías peligrosas, MGG, middle east, middle east conflict, middle east situation, migration, migration and the environment, model UN issues, modelo de naciones unidas, monetary policy, mujer, mujeres, narcotics, national account statistics, nuclear energy, nunca perguntaram, objetivos de desarrollo del milenio, objetivos del milenio, ODS, official documents, official documents of general assembly, on law of the sea, organización de la ONU, organos principales de la ONU, orphans and vulnerable children, pacific settlement of disputes, panorama social, parliamentary papers (official records), participation of a specific country in a specific session, paz, paz y seguridad, peace, peace and security, peace missions, peace operations, peace-building, peaceful settlement of international disputes, peacekeeping, peacekeeping operations, peackeeping, PNUD, PNUMA, población, política, política internacional, política para el trabajo y el empleo, políticas públicas, político y social, policy studies, politica económica, political affairs, political conflict, political diplomacy, political issues and transition into the 21st century, political matters, political science, political sciences, politics, politics (current issues), population, population and visual statistics reports, population issues, population statistics, population studies, poverty, poverty issues, poverty reduction, property rights, public administration, public health, public international law, public policy, pueblos originarios, racial discrimination, reforma de las naciones unidas, refugee studies, refugees, refugiados, regional conflicts, relaciones internacionales, reports of world bank, resolutions, resolutions of General Assembly, resolutions of Security Council, Right to Protect & the rule of international law, rights, rights of children, rights of women, rural development, sécurité internationale, safety issues, sales publications, salud, salud pública, santé et droit du travail, sc documents, science politique, sciences politiques, search for approved conventions, search for expressions used in UN documents, security, Security Council, Security Council decisions, Security Council documents, Security Council proceedings, Security Council resolutions, seguridad, sex trafficking, SIDA, simulations des nations-unis, situación de la mujer, situacion en el medio oriente, socal and economic statistics, social, social & economic indicators, social & economic issues, social and economic impacts, social and economic information, social assistance, social groups, social indicators, social issues, social policy and development, social questions, social science, social sciences, social sciences aspects, social studies, social works, socialenvironnement, society, sociology, solución de conflictos, statistical data, statistical information, statistical sources, statistical yearbooks, statistics, sustainability, sustainable development, technology, temas de carácter económico, temas económicos, terrorism, terrorismo, terrorismo internacional, trabajo, trade, trade and development reports, trade and industry, trade data, trade policies and practices, traités, traités et conventions, transport, transportation, tratados, tratados conferencias, tratados internacionales, treaties, treaties and conventions, treaties and international law, treaty and international agreement, Treaty collection and proceedings, treaty series, UN 's history and structure, UN and international law, UN and international politics, UN and its work, UN assembly reports, UN charter, UN commodity trade statistics databases, UN convention against corruption, UN convention on drug control, UN convention on the right of persons with disablilities, UN convention on the rights of the child, UN conventions, UN data, UN data is the most highly used service, UN documents, UN general assembly resolutions, UN governance and rules of procedure, UN history, UN in general, UN internship, UN law - international law, UN official documents, UN official documents from a historical and social sciences perspective, UN peace keeping, UN peacekeeping, UN peacekeeping operations, UN publications cited in academic books and journals, UN reports and other documents, UN resolutions, UN statistical data, UN statistics, UN structure, UN treaties, UN treaty collection, UN treaty series, UN tribunals, UN year books, UN yearbook, UN-EU relations, UNAIDS, UNCTAD trade statistics, UNDP and social related issues, UNDP material, UNDP reports & documents, UNECE, UNEP, UNESCO, UNESCO in general, UNESCO in slovakia, UNESCO material, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNIDIR collections, UNIDO reports and documents, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research, United Nations law & china's practices of international law, United Nations reports on education, United Nations system, UNODC, urban development, urban poor, use of armed forces, use of force & self-defence, violência nas escolas, violence, violencia, violencia de género, voting, voting information for resolutions, war, waste management, waste management & education, water issues, water resources, weapons reduction, WHO, women’s rights, women, women & child, women & development, women & gender, women & gender studies, women and children, women poverty, women rights, women studes, women's issues, women's rights, work of UN, World Bank publications, world development, world economic and social survey, world economy, world heritage, world politics, world population data etc, world regions, world ststistics, world trade, youth, zonas de conflicto.

World cloud based on the list above:

World cloud question 29
30. What is the estimated monthly number of requests for UN information resources and services?
294 Replies received

Because many of the UN Depository Libraries reported that they do not keep usage statistics for UN information resources and services, we could not accurately calculate an actual quantity of requests.

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