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Class Schedule

Spring term 2015 
(20 April - 10 July) 

Our courses

We are making final updates to these documents. Links to all documents will be ready soon. Thank you for your patience!


As a quick reference, these posters list the courses you can take - each with the course name, schedule, location, proficiency level requirement, and Inspira course code.

Arabic       Chinese       English       French       Russian      Spanish

For more details about the courses and each of language programs, see our course brochures:

                    Arabic       Chinese       English       French       Russian      Spanish

Complete course descriptions are available on inspira.un.org.  To find those:
  1. Go to inspira.un.org
  2. Click on  Main Menu - (Self Service) - Learning - My Learning
  3. On the 'My Learning' page, type the name or course code in the 'Search the catalog' box and click on 'Search'.

Classroom Locations

Our classrooms are located in four different buildings - listed with these codes:

   NL     on the 2nd floor of NLB (North Lawn Building).  

   S       on the 15th floor of S (Secretariat Building). 

   DC2   on the 2nd floor of DC2 ( 2 UN Plaza, on 44th St. between First & Second Ave.)

   DC1   on the 2nd floor of DC1 ( 1 UN Plaza, on First Ave. between 44th & 45th St.)