Special English Courses

In addition to regular language courses, several special courses are offered in response to student interest and need, and if instructors and classroom space are available. These classes meet for two hours a week and are open to intermediate and advanced students in the ELP. 

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Courses in this category include:

Speaking & Listening

  • Discourse Strategies - This two-part course focuses on the fundamental grammar, pronunciation, and common expressions that are essential for effective formal communication... [More about Part 1] & [More about Part 2]
  • English Through Media - Media excerpts are used as a ‘textbook.' Students spend approximately 30 to 40 minutes of each class viewing videotapes...[More]
  • Advanced Listening Strategies - Advanced Listening Strategies is designed to develop listening skills by cultivating ‘active listening techniques,' which allows for more efficient absorption of information...[More]
  • Pronunciation Skills - This course will provide participants with the opportunity to: practise the important sound and intonation patterns in English, and...[More]

Reading & Writing

  • English Through Reading -This course is designed for students who would like to improve their overall proficiency in English. Research has shown...[More]

All Skills

  • English Through the Internet - This course will provide participants with the opportunity and skills to search for information, listen to recordings, read...[More]
  • Language Proficiency Exam (LPE) Preparation Course - Participants use proficiency-type tests to identify those elements of communicative performance that need improvement. Review and exercises that...[More]
  • Learning English through Learning about the United Nations - Have you ever wanted to learn more about the extensive work of the UN?...[More]

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