Tips on How to Succeed

Before the exam
  • Subscribe to receive a 'word a day' .  Many dictionary and vocabulary websites allow you to subscribe (for free!) to receive a daily e-mail with a word  - with its definition and  examples of it used in context.  
  • Try vocabulary quizzes and games - either on websites, in books with answer keys, or using CD-Roms.  See our suggested resources.
During the exam
  • Complete this section quickly.  Since 'you only know this or you don't', don't spend too much time on this part of the exam.  Your time is better used for other sections, where using a strategy may help you succeed.
  • First, look at the word. Do you know it?  Great.  Then answer quickly.  Don't bother reading the sentence if you don't need to.
  • Answer every question.  There is no penalty for a wrong answer - and even if you completely guess, you may get it right.