Tips on How to Succeed

Before the exam
  • Take reading comprehension quizzes to determine how well you understand the main ideas and details.  There are many such reading tests available online for free (see our suggested resources), and some textbooks include such tests as well.
  • Try online speed reading exercises to check how fast you read. You have limited time to take the exam, so reading quickly is helpful.  Challenge yourself to read faster.  Ideally, these exercises should also test your comprehension - reading faster is only better if you can understand what you are reading.  
  • Study reading strategies.   Many websites and books present useful reading strategies to help you to not only succeed on the CLPE, but also become a more efficient reader in all contexts.
  • Read as much as possible - especially about science, animals and professional development.  Since the CLPE test designers are not allowed to use content that focus on a particular country or political situation, frequent topics focus on scientific discoveries, animals and professional development advice.
During the exam
  • First, quickly scan the text to determine the main idea and how it's organized.
  • Second, scan the questions to find out what you need to be paying most attention to.    
  • Answer every question.  There is no penalty for a wrong answer - and even if you completely guess, you may get it right.